Intrusion detection, Trends for risk score, Usability improvements and more

January 3, 2024

Happy New Year!

What an end to a wonderful year. Cloudanix teams have worked tirelessly to achieve our goals and are ready to WOW you this year too. Last month we worked on our UI and features that will help consume data better. This translates into achieving a better security posture faster. Sharing a brief recap of what we accomplished in 2023 towards the end of this newsletter, incase you missed something important that we shipped.

Usability Improvements

With more data sources integration and Risk / Vulnerability / Threat Findings, our top priority is to make these Insights more consumable.
Dashboard of Cloudanix

Trends for Risk score

One of the additions to our Summary Pages is the Trends for Risk Score, Assets at Risk, Realtime Events and many more.
Detailed statement of Asset history
Event details

Focus on Prioritization

Cloudanix not only finds gaps, but also helps with Prioritization and Remediation. We have an explicit section in Dashboard to highlight the Priority List. Also, we have GenAI powered Remediation for all of our findings here.
Misconfiguration priority list in Cloudanix dashboard

Compliance View

We have enhanced Compliance View to show Progress at each Compliance Family, Control level. This would help our customers monitor and track progress towards achieving any Compliance Certification.
Compliance family grounded view

Intrusion Detection Enhanced

Now our Intrusion Detection capability can read, analyze and alert on any intrusions on VPC Flow Logs.

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