Cloud Security With Minimal Effort

Compliance, IAM and Container Security - All In One Platform

What is Cloudanix?

Your Cloud infrastructure uses Multi Clouds, has multiple Accounts spread across multi-regions. With minimum effort, you can implement Cloud Governance, fix Identity and Access issues and secure your Container Workloads.

Cloudanix has both monitoring and remediation tools across AWS, Azure, GCP, Digital Ocean and Kubernetes.

Cloudanix is the central dashboard for your InfoSec, Security, Cloud-Ops and Engineering teams to manage Security where "Multi" is a pain.
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CSPM + CIEM + CWPP = Cloudanix


Multiple Clouds Or Multiple Accounts - Get A Single Dashboard

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Container Security Management

Know your cloud assets in one single place

700+ Audit Controls Mapped To 10+ Compliance Frameworks

Get Events Which Matter To You In Realtime - Zero Noise

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IAM Across All Accounts To Learn Who Has Access To What

IAM and CIEM becomes easy with Cloudanix

Cloud Assets Management Along With The Misconfiguration and Drift

Know your cloud assets in one single place

Why Cloudanix?

It's your Multi-Everything, Continuous Security Platform


It is challenging for Operation teams to monitor Multiple Accounts, Multiple Regions, Multiple tools while operating across Multiple Clouds. Cloudanix simplifies this by offering a single view into your Security world.

Audit & Compliance

700+ out of the box controls mapped across 10+ frameworks like NIST, HIPAA. Within minutes assess your compliance readiness. Also, one-click remediation provides faster resolution.

Realtime Monitoring

Subscribe to 300+ events which alert you in realtime. E.g. Did root account logged in? Or was a new key-pair created? High fidelity info increasing your productivity.

1-click Remediation

Remediation workflows help your team resolve the misconfigurations. You can customize them with approval process - to stay in control.

IAM View

IAM is tough. We all know that several mishaps are a result of a bad IAM configuration. Our IAM Deep Dive recipe gives you a microscopic view and recommendations of your IAM policies.

Inventory View

There are hundreds of combinations when it comes to regions, services, configurations - it ain't easy to stay on top of what's private, public, in-use, needs fix. That's why we have an Inventory recipe which can increase your productivity.

Drift Management

Helps you establish a baseline. Any change is recorded and reported for investigation and course correction! Drift management is essential for organizations who are serious about their cloud operations and data security.

API based, Exensible

We understand you might need customized and tailor the solution for your needs. And that's completely possible so that no edge-case is left out. You get access to our API which also powers our Console Dashboard.

What our customers are saying

They love us, and we love them too!

Brandon Steelman


Cloudanix completed the entire Audit of our AWS accounts even before we could fill up the subscription page with our credit card details!

Satish Mohan

CTO, Airgap Networks

We are excited to leverage Cloudanix’s comprehensive multi-cloud DevSecOps solution to secure our production workloads on AWS. Cloudanix has demonstrated that it can solve many challenges that DevSecOps teams face, while continually adding new features such as SOC2 compliance and drift detection which drive daily security and operational benefits.

Jiten Gala

VP Engineering, Kapittx

We are a Fintech startup and Cloudanix has been an absolute bliss. It not only tell you what's wrong but also helps you fix it. Very useful for us.

Recipes Available For

Recipe is a solution to a problem. We integrate with the below platforms.

We help you focus & prioritize

Our dashboard comes with several attributes and indicators which help you decide which issue to address. This helps you identify signal from the noise and move fast in the right direction.

Persona based solution

Cloud collaboration across teams is now possible

Infrastructure Engineers and CloudOps

Infrastructure footprint evolve almost every minute. Without the right tool, CloudOps team members find it unproductive to perform their work with ease. As CloudOps and Infrastructure engineers, we help you with the following:

  • For all your multiple cloud account (e.g. Multiple AWS account), you get single Dashboard listing all your resources with their attributes (e.g. What all runtime versions do we have for our Lambda's across all the regions and accounts?)
  • You get a catalog of events to subscribe (e.g. Root account login, or new Key-pair creation) which you can subscribe to and get notified in real time.

Security Teams

Cloud Security teams have this paramount responsibility to ensure bad actors stay out. Cloudanix helps you with the below:

  • We have more than 700+ best practices which monitor your cloud accounts continuously and help you improve your Cloud Security Posture.
  • 1-click solutions for remediation of loopholes or misconfigurations ensuring no time is wasted.
  • A IAM View with deep analysis on misconfigurations (e.g. Data Exfilteration or Infra modification policies) to fix.

Risk and CISO

There is nothing like zero-risk in the digital world and workloads we live in. Cloudanix provides you just the right tools to operate better.

  • Out of the box 10+ Compliance families (like NIST, HIPAA) and their controls evaluation against your Cloud account.
  • A complete audit trail on what changed, who changed it, when was it changed.
  • A time-series analysis of how things have progressed in your organization and hold other teams accountable.


While you are busy with your application development and sprint deadlines, knowing what's happening with your Infrastructure and cross-functional team members is crucial.

  • A single dashboard and role-based solution for your team members to be on the same page with other teams.
  • Know and act proactively on changes coming up on infrastructure-side which can affect your app architecture.
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Customize with UI. Or with API.

Out of the box we provide you most of the tools which can get your started. In case your cloud requires customization, our APIs can help integrate with On-prem or other cloud providers.

Happy Customers

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