What is Cloudanix?

Cloudanix has pre-baked operation tools for websites and public cloud platforms. It offers bite-sized recipes for Website and AWS operations to save you time and hassle.

Built (in, for) cloud

We are an experienced team who knows the pain of operating workloads in cloud. Cloudanix is built from ground up for workloads running in cloud.

All recipes in one place

Backup Management, Uptime Monitoring, Speed Test, Malware Scan, Safe Site check, OWASP Top 10 scans and several other all under a single roof.

Agency Friendly

If you are a development agency, you get tools like whitelisted reports for additional revenue opportunity. Learn more.

Just enough features

Minimalist and required feature set. No unnecessary spam emails. You don't have to write an email rule to send our notifications to "Ignore" folder.


Here are few to begin with

01. Native

We integrate several cloud and hosting providers. You provide the API key and sit back and relax.

02. Multiple Accounts

You can create multiple workspace each having it's own settings for payments, teams and workflows. In complete isolation.

03. Scalable

Whether you have 1 website or 1000s - it just works.

04. Integrated Tools

All the tools are integrated with each other. Single unified view both for developers and business people.

05. Built for agencies and teams

Agencies and large teams can assign roles and collaborate with their clients.

06. Provider agnostic

Doesn't matter which hosting provider you use for your website. Our recipes can work with all.

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8 Available Recipes

Recipes are the capabilities available for your website to use. These all are ready to be deployed for your website.

Uptime Monitoring

Monitors for your site availability from 8 different locations. You can also set your desired SLA. We notify you if your hosting provider is able to meet that SLA.

Speed Test Check

Advanced Speed Test checks from multiple locations of your site.

Blacklist Monitoring

We monitor several authentic and authorized databases to check whether your site is listed as a Blacklisted site.

Backup Management

We have native integration with premium hosting platforms like Pantheon to make a copy of your site backups into your own Amazon S3 buckets.

Basic SEO and Browser Errors

All the essential checks around SSL, SEO, browser errors are available via this recipe to let you know about the health of your site.

OWASP Top 10

Penetration tests for OWASP Top 10 ensures that your website is safe and secure for your users.

DNS Monitoring

DNS Monitor for any changes to records and protect against any errors.

Privacy Score

Track and monitor all the third party code which lives in your code. Protect your brand and it's reputation.

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