What is Cloudanix?

You use several IaaS and SaaS products. These also bring in the complexity of Multi-Cloud, Multi-Accounts, Multi-Regions, Multi-Teams thereby increasing Operational complexity. In addition, these tools also require 24x7 attention for Security, Compliance, Drift, Cost Management and Data Leakages.

With Cloudanix, your team gets both single view + remediation workflows to operate in the digital world.

Cloudanix becomes your Central Dashboard for your Cloud-Ops, Engineering and InfoSec teams to collaborate together.

Why Cloudanix?

It's your Multi-Everything, Continuous Ops Platform


It is challenging for Operation teams to monitor Multiple Accounts, Multiple Regions, Multiple tools while operating across Multiple Clouds. Cloudanix simplifies this by offering a single view into your Ops world.


500+ out of the box controls mapped across 10+ frameworks like NIST, HIPAA. Within minutes shows your compliance readiness. Also, one-click remediation provides faster resolution.

Realtime Monitoring

Subscribe to 300+ events which alert you in realtime. E.g. Did root account logged in? Or was a new key-pair created? High fidelity info increasing your productivity.


Several remediation workflows available which you can use to fix the issues in realtime. You can customize them and use approval process too - to stay in control.

IAM View

IAM is tough. We all know that several mishaps are a result of a bad IAM configuration. Our IAM Deep Dive recipe gives you a microscopic view and recommendations of your IAM policies.

Inventory View

There are hundreds of combinations when it comes to regions, services, configurations - it ain't easy to stay on top of what's private, public, in-use, needs fix. That's why we have an Inventory recipe which can increase your productivity.

Drift Management

Helps you establish a baseline. Any change is recorded and reported for investigation and course correction! Drift management is essential for organizations who are serious about their cloud operations and data security.

Configurable, Extensible

We understand you might need customized and tailor the solution for your needs. And that's completely possible so that no edge-case is left out.

Recipes Available For

Recipe is a solution to a problem. We integrate with the below platforms.


Built for a busy Dev+Sec+Ops teams to work together.

01. Native

We integrate with several Cloud and SaaS platforms. With one click integration, you do not have any excuse to bloster your security posture.

02. Workspaces

You can create multiple workspaces with each having it's own settings for payments, teams and workflows - In complete isolation.

03. Central Dashboard

As an operational team, it is pain to use multiple dashboards or vendor tools. Cloudanix is your single stop shop to gain operational efficiency.

04. Integrated Notifications

Connect your Slack, PagerDuty or other ops pagers to get real time notifications with actionable insights.

05. Collaboration Tools

Engineering, Ops, SecOps, Risk teams can all collaborate to make your cloud workload efficient and secure. No need to keep approvals and conversations in emails or Slack - only later to wonder who approved this configuration!

06. Bite-size approach

Each recipe is built to solve a singular pain of yours. And we have several of these! You pick and choose the ones which your organization wants. We don't like monolith products either!

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