Scale To Zero

Community driven conversation to ensure a Secure society

The Inspiration

Today we want things to scale up. Be it business growth, technological innovation, customer satisfaction or team productivity. But when it comes to security threats, challenges, attacks we want it to scale down to zero. At Cloudanix, we believe that a security is not a function of tools, processes, policies but also a dialog. A conversation between teams, experts, right stakeholders who discuss security and work towards a common goal. Scale To Zero does that. It helps foster the conversation and make the world a more secure place with zero negativity. We are scaling security challenges to zero!

Cloudanix and Scale To Zero

Cloudanix is backed by YCombinator. A very popular saying at YC is "Make something people want". This resonates within Cloudanix. We believe that conversations are important not just to adopt right security within an organization but also to set the culture right. Conversations help to know what "users want". Not everything is only about building a new technology but many a times it's about bringing a change to security culture, reducing friction between teams, generating empathy for your peer in a different job role. At Scale to Zero we try to discuss and learn all of this and more.
Purusottam | Scale To Zero Security Podcast

50+ Episodes

Dialogs which foster thought provoking conversations covering wide range of topics from culture, tech, regulation, education. There is no limit to how much you can learn.

17+ Roles

CISO, Security Engineers, Platform Leaders, GenAI Leaders, IAM Engineers, InfoSec Professionals - we have hosted them all.

10+ countries or industries

We have fostered dialog about security, compliance, trust across the geographies, industry verticals and experiences levels.

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