Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Protect Your Consumer's data With Cloudanix

Cloud Security Platform For Retail And Consumer Packaged Goods

Retail perhaps is the industry which has felt the effect of digital more than any other. Offering the right shopping experience both in-store and online has pushed the Retail and CPG sector towards the Cloud faster and more purposefully than any other industry. Whether it’s accelerating new product introduction into markets, optimizing the supply chain and delivering superior customer experience and engagement, Cloud has been at the forefront in enabling this.

With the rapid adoption of Cloud to transform the way Retailers transact their business, the pressing issues related to personal information safety and regulatory requirements have made security and compliance key imperatives for the sector.

How Cloudanix Helps?

Cloudanix helps retailers meet their security and compliance objectives without compromising on the speed of innovation and time to market, which are key differentiators for any retail business. Protecting against mis-configurations, assessing policy and regulatory compliance and reducing IAM related risks are all out-of-the-box, on-demand and real-time with Cloudanix.

Cloudanix takes away the need for you to pay 24x7 attention to Security, Compliance, Cost and Data Security of your Cloud. Let Cloudanix do the grunt work for you, while you focus on your core offerings and client imperatives.