Just In Time IAM

Get your IAM permissions only when you need it

Identity Is the Perimeter In Cloud, And Not The Network

Network is not the perimeter in the cloud. IAM is the perimeter. Maintaining the right-sized permissions in Cloud is the most challenging task. Today organizations and teams find it challenging to right size the permissions. The attack surface exposed due to IAM toxicity becomes a daunting task for every organization.

Give permissions when needed - Just In Time!

The way to accomplish a healthy IAM posture is to avoid principals with permissions all the time. The problem with this approach is lack of a tool which provides a simple yet effective workflow. No team member will appreciate a complex process to request for Just In Time permissions.

Cloudanix IAM JIT

Cloudanix IAM JIT allows your team to request for permissions for a limited time period in just few clicks. It not only ensures that a principal gets the right permissions for the requested duration, but also that the permissions are removed once the work is complete. In addition, the approval workflow helps with the checks and balances and keeps the audit process in compliance.

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