Tech Startups

Protect Your Solutions With Cloudanix

Cloud Security Platform For Tech Startups

Tech startups in the software and internet space of late all have the distinction of being “born in the cloud”. Being at the cutting edge of innovation, these companies are natural adopters of the Cloud. The products and services of these companies have stringent time-to-market requirements with the ability to scale in real-time to meet customer demand.

Technology companies have to be inherently agile and empowering of their employees, to rapidly innovate and differentiate on a daily basis. Empowering employees comes with the responsibility of ensuring that the deliberate and inadvertent mistakes committed by the staff are contained before they cause much damage to the product, customers or the reputation of the company. Providing self-service access to the Cloud services to developers must come with the safety net of managing any adverse fallout of the same.

How Cloudanix Helps?

Cloudanix allows technology companies and startups to safely manage their cloud environments without the loss of control or flexibility. By configuring Cloudanix to catch, notify and remediate issues related to misconfigurations, policy violations, IAM and security settings, tech companies can focus on driving innovation faster for their customers.

Cloudanix takes away the need for you to pay 24x7 attention to Security, Compliance, Cost and Data Security of your Cloud. Let Cloudanix do the grunt work for you, while you focus on your core offerings and client imperatives.