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Best Cloud Security Platform For Cloud Security Professional

Why is the Cloud Security Team so important?

The Cloud Security team is the torchbearer in a company and paves the way for a more scalable and secure future of the enterprise. This is a huge responsibility to shoulder and no one understands it better than Cloudanix. Cloud Security while following the highest standards of compliance is what Cloudanix brings to the table for the cloud security team.

How Cloudanix stands out?

Cloudanix has made complete cloud security possible through a single window. Super-fast integration in seconds and continuous monitoring while providing comprehensive audit reports and remediation. Demystifying these complex reports into simple solvable solutions and tasks.

How Cloudanix Helps Cloud Security Professionals

  • Complete security and integration for workloads and multi-accounts running on AWS, GCP and Azure.
  • Deep visibility and configurations across multiple clouds, containers, workloads and Kubernetes.
  • Continuous monitoring and investigations of events.
  • Detects anomalies and configuration changes in Realtime.
  • Define and automate guardrails and enforce policies and Shift Left.
  • Audit and one-click remediation.

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