Code Security - Bake in security from your PR

Correlate security findings from PR to runtime


Challenges around code security begin right at the start. Code is one of the first things developers create and if not secured early on, may lead to catastrophic problems in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Some of the common challenges among others that a tool should address are visibility, tool coverage, and help prioritize the risks.


Real time scanning helps provide visibility that teams require to maintain code sanity and keep the vulnerabilities out.

Tool Coverage

Support for popular coding languages and CI/CD tools must be available for the tool to be adopted by a variety of developers proficient in various languages.

Prioritize Risks

Actionable tool that helps prioritize the risks according to their importance can help the teams fix the issues according to their importance, saving them precious time and increase productivity

Cloudanix Approach to Code Security

Investing in tools that provide multi-faceted security like SAST, DAST, SCA, IAST, Database Scanning, ASTaaS, and other complicated jargon has become a norm. But do you need all this?

Cloudanix provides correlation right from PR to runtime, eliminating the need for some of these capabilities like DAST, which is notorious for consuming high compute of your system while providing you the security your code requires.

As mentioned above, Cloudanix understands, that new tools and processes are difficult to adopt in organizations and can cause friction. Our Zero Friction philosophy helps us build our platform so that Security teams, DevOps teams and the Engineering teams stay on the same page and align from Day 1 when it comes to Code-To-Cloud security.
Code security overview

Cloudanix Code Security for you

Cloudanix delivers exceptional code security for your crown jewels from PR to runtime.

PR Check

Cloudanix proactively safeguards your codebase against potential security issues by automatic real-time scans of code changes immediately upon the submission of a pull request (PR).
Dashboard: Security posture
Dashboard: Security posture

Code to Runtime

With a neat and easy-to-use dashboard, it helps developers intuitively navigate to the findings while eliminating false positives. Cloudanix starts your security journey from code all the way to cloud, including your identity management until where it runs in your workload.


Cloudanix also helps you connect multiple code repositories with one click and shows all the data while correlating with misconfigs, threats, vulnerabilities, checked-in secrets, etc in a single dashboard, reducing the fatigue of switching between screens.
Dashboard: Security posture
Dashboard: Security posture

Leveraging the power of Gen AI

Delivering detailed insights and remediation recipes leveraging the power of Gen AI to ensure teams do not waste their time.


Cloudanix integrates seamlessly with code repositories like GitHub, Bitbucket and brings all your data in one place. Cloudanix creates a productive and collaborative environment that helps teams raise JIRA tickets
Dashboard: Security posture

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Dashboard: Security posture

Insights from Cloudanix

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