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Protect Your Education and Ed Tech Solutions With Cloudanix

Education and Ed Tech + Cloud

Education has undergone a rapid transformation in the last few years. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has provided greater impetus for this sector to accelerate their movement to the Cloud to improve reach, online presence, flexibility and speed.

This rapid adoption of Cloud based services comes with the necessary requirements to safeguard personal information of faculty, students and third party collaborators. Additionally, with increasing financial transactions online, there is a need to secure the financial systems as well. Compliance requirements like HIPAA or country-specific regulations need to be adhered to avoid falling foul of the regulatory authorities. Ed-Tech companies which are revolutionising the way training and education is delivered and consumed via their highly technical platforms have the onus to demonstrate how secure and scalable their offerings are.

How Cloudanix Helps?

Cloudanix helps educational institutes and ed-tech companies accelerate innovation on the Cloud without compromising on speed and flexibility. By allowing Cloudanix to manage all the risks related to misconfigurations, threat management and policy violations, the Educational institutions and Ed-Tech companies can focus their R&D spend on improving their offerings and creating the necessary differentiation in the market.

Cloudanix takes away the need for you to pay 24x7 attention to Security, Compliance, Cost and Data Security of your Cloud. Let Cloudanix do the grunt work for you, while you focus on your core offerings and client imperatives.