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Protect Your Fintech Solutions With Cloudanix

Fintech + Cloud

It is a well-known fact that the financial services industry has the highest risk of cyber attacks and is the most breached sector. Financial companies really want to be focussed on their product innovation and customers without having to constantly look over their shoulders to check how their technical infrastructure is acting. This sector has already spent significant time, effort and cost in preparing for Cloud adoption, given the customer sensibilities related to their sensitive data being stored on the cloud.

Protecting customer identity, meeting regulatory compliance requirements and thwarting cyber attacks drive the security and compliance requirements in cloud adoption. It’s important to protect the cloud and container environments from the risk of botched up IAM implementation, wrong configurations and policy violations.

How Cloudanix Helps?

Cloudanix helps simplify cloud security adoption, allowing technical teams to focus on innovation, modernization and digital transformation. Cloudanix provides automated and real-time assessment, continuous monitoring and remediation of the above risks, allowing customers to meet their security and compliance requirements while benefiting from their cloud deployment. Additionally, Cloudanix provides compliance adherence to standards such as APRA, GDPR, PCI, MAS and others.

Cloudanix takes away the need for you to pay 24x7 attention to Security, Compliance, Cost and Data Security of your Cloud. Let Cloudanix do the grunt work for you, while you focus on your core offerings and client imperatives.