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What it means for a CISO

Companies now are relying heavily on public clouds to drive digital transformation. The top priority of CISO remains the security of their cloud applications, data, and underlying infrastructure. This requires a high amount of visibility and automation which we provide at Cloudanix to keep your cloud assets secure. You can trust us with your cloud assets security and numerous other tasks such as identity management, misconfiguration, and drift management, compliance, workload security, and also assist your team with remediation.

What you do today will shape your tomorrow

With the ever-evolving cloud technologies, there is be a heavy reliance on cloud security solutions running on AWS, Azure, GCP or Kubernetes. Cloud services and applications will be the pivot for your enterprise. Not just a few but multiple cloud vendors managing multiple accounts for your several environments and business applications. Cloudanix has done this for you today. Enterprises like Cleargene, Airgap Networks, iMocha, etc. are relying on this uncompromised security for their businesses. Right from Drift detection, Identity and access management, Compliance, Asset management, Container Workload protection. There are numerous other tasks that can compromise your business and expose it to threats. Precise automated remediation or self-serve remediation is invaluable for organizations and CISO’s are the ones responsible to execute these tasks.

How Cloudanix Helps A CISO

Cloudanix provides accurate insights, high visibility, and automation to enterprises to accomplish the mammoth task of reliable cloud security, thus relieving the CISO’s of the tedious and painstaking process of finding vulnerabilities and resolutions while saving the business time and personnel. A cohesive team of InfoSec, Engineering, CloudOps together with the CISO can lay out customized rules and Cloudanix can make remediation playbooks using dozens of out-of-the-box rules that can create a secure yet productive environment.

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