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Best Cloud Security Platform For IAM Teams

Why is the IAM team so important?

Today innovation and migration to the cloud is happening at lightning speed. Moving operations to the cloud does streamline processes but brings with it a host of risks. Especially for an IAM team as identity and privileged access for hundreds and thousands of human and machine processes. The IAM team is tasked with the gargantuan task of securing access entitlements and cloud security posture of these thousands of identities in a multi cloud environment.

Cloudanix IAM Team core capabilities

  • A single Dashboard for all your three clouds - AWS, Azure, and GCP - and the IAM exposure across your team members and service accounts.
  • Implementation of the path of Least Privilege.
  • Identification and Analysis of excess permissions.
  • Continuous discovery of all entities, policies, and configurations.
  • Secure Multi-cloud visibility to manage and investigate identities and permissions.
  • Detecting anomalies and configuration changes.
  • Define and automate guardrails and enforce policies and Shift Left.
  • Mitigate risky privileges and misconfigurations.
  • All this and more while ensuring compliance with the highest standards like CIS, HIPAA, SOC 2.

How Cloudanix stands out?

We have seen that the DevOps teams and developers are constantly creating new identities and policies while sometimes failing to adhere to the new guidelines or compliances. This makes it difficult to manage access entitlements and even more painstaking to identify resource configuration risks. Cloudanix arms you with secure access to the public cloud environment to understand and govern the risks and permissions to keep your organization secure before they become credible threats. Some of the important core capabilities are listed below and will instill a sense of calm and trust in your enterprise cloud security posture management initiative.

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