Our platform offers the following recipes.

  • Audit and Compliance Monitoring
  • Real time Monitoring
  • 1-click Remediation
  • IAM Deep Dive Analysis and Protection
  • Assets Inventory Management
  • Drift Management

We are a multi-cloud platform which means that if you are using AWS, Azure, GCP - you don’t have to sign up at several different vendors. Cloudanix will offer you a single Dashboard to secure your cloud workfloads.

Get Started

Select your cloud provider

Learn how to set up Cloudanix for your cloud Platform by selecting one of the following documentation


Set up Cloudanix for Amazon Web Services


Set up Cloudanix for Microsoft Azure


Set up Cloudanix for the Google Cloud Platform


Set up Cloudanix for GitHub

On Demand Scan

Enable on-demand scan


Set up Cloudanix for Kubernetes Cluster