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You + Cloudanix = A Secure World

Cloudanix is excited to partner with the best Technology Vendors, Managed Security Providers, Security Consulting Firms and all those who want to create a Security First mindset. We will deliver high value to your customers so they can stay on top of their game without a worry in the world. And also help you to accelerate your business. Cloudanix is a 3 in one platform (CSPM, CWPP and CIEM) with speedy integration for instant-on security. We also are a true MultiCloud solution covering Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes workloads. Our agentless product can help eliminate fatigue and dependency on personnel, thereby reducing cost of operations. Our API enable customizations and help you build on top of Cloudanix for deeper integrations.

"Achieve the cloud security your customers dream of, that meets all the business demands, helps scales for future growth, and easily aligns with the industry best practices"

Why Cloudanix?

Add value for your customers. Increase top-line for your business.

Progressive culture

Partnerships help provide customers enhanced solutions and a better overall experience, leading to better customer satisfaction.

Partner Profitability

Our partner profitability model offers predictable growth for both, with on-time post-sale payouts.

Resource Rich

Easy access to support, outcome-driven use cases, dedicated email, Slack channels, PagerDuty, Jira, Webhooks.

Streamlined Engagement

Transparent Collaborations as deals progress and efficient practices for deal registration and account planning.

Positive Partner Experience

We see partnerships from your perspective to ensure a successful experience. Making it a win-win situation for us both.

Partner Effectiveness

Benefit from streamlined onboarding, focus on priorities and comprehensive training with minimal effort.

Minimize Channel Conflict

We promise to prioritize, manage and resolve channel conflict with the highest level transparency.

API based, Extensible

Customized and tailor the solution for your needs. And that's completely possible so that no edge-case is left out.

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