Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP)

Secure your Container and VM Workloads in few clicks

What is Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP)?

Workload is a host of processes and resources that are used to run applications. It includes all the network resources needed to connect several components of the application and in turn connect users to the application. These applications are usually public-facing and have multiple compute options and are difficult to monitor and secure. Cloudanix CWPP offers a low-friction and scalable solution to secure your diverse workloads.

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Workload Protection dashboard

How does Cloudanix ace CWPP?

Today companies use hybrid and multi-cloud environments which have unique protection requirements for their workloads. This complicates their ability to get consistent visibility into their workloads. Network-based technologies do not work well in cloud environments, it may put their enterprise data at high risk. Hence workload security should be the center of attention and should start at deployment to scan the containers and serverless workloads for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Cloudanix is at the top of this and provides a robust architecture for consistent visibility and control over all the workloads; regardless of location, size or architecture.
Container Security dashboard
Kapittx quote
We are a Fintech start-up, and Cloudanix has been absolute bliss. It not only tells you what's wrong but also helps you fix it. Very useful for a team which can focus on their core fintech business and can lean on Cloudanix for Cloud security.
— Jiten Gala, VP of Engineering, Kapittx

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Cloudanix CWPP Core Capabilities

  • Discovery and uncompromised Protection of your workload on cloud based deployments and in-premises infrastructure. (Know more)
  • Audit and assessment of vulnerabilities. (Know more)
  • Identification of potentially exploitable security issues with workload. (Know more)
  • Highly agile solution that integrates into DevOps CI/CD pipelines. (Know more)
  • Automatic configuration to secure developed applications using workloads.
  • Allows for developers to integrate security without adding incumbent overheads.
  • On demand scalability of resources up and down.
  • Tailored security controls with high visibility for different workloads. (Know more)
  • Compliance, audit and remediation of data eradicating vulnerabilities and threats. (Know more)

Solutions for roles


As CISO, your job is to continuously secure the environment and find ways to advance your organization’s security.

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With the new code being continuously pushed, you are responsible for maintaining and improving the quality of cloud security

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Cloud Security Professionals

Know how Cloudanix cuts the complexity of maintaining highest standards of compliance and reduce the attack surface of your cloud infrastructure

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Insights from Cloudanix

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Cloudanix Documentation

Cloudanix docs

Cloudanix offers you a single dashboard to secure your workloads. Learn how to setup Cloudanix for your cloud platform from our documents.

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Case Studies

Watch how Cloudanix helped organizations secure their digital environment

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