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Cloud Security and GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) Team

Cloud security and GRC are right at the front in our mind and it should be the same for you. This impacts stakeholder confidence as they demand high performance and high levels of visibility/transparency, despite the ever-changing regulations and unpredictable third-party relationship risk. Today with thousands of human and machine identities in an average cloud environment, it is of utmost importance to know and manage this risk and also the way human or machine identities interact with data. In complex cloud environments, you not only need cloud-native solutions to audit and report but also to remediate and take corrective actions for security control gaps and avoid vulnerabilities and threats.

How does Cloudanix stand out?

After compiling an exhaustive amount of feedback and listening to our customers and sifting through requirements, Cloudanix has overcome these debacles and created a tailored solution for cloud security unmatched in governance, risk, and compliance. Some of the important capabilities are listed below and will instill a sense of calm and trust in your enterprise cloud security posture management initiative.

Cloudanix GRC core capabilities

  • Adhere to the highest Governance and Compliance standards.
  • Providing High visibility in access controls insights and escalations.
  • Adaptability and seamless integrations.
  • Establishing Baseline Trust and Alerts for your resources and data.
  • Drift and Anomaly Detection to avoid vulnerabilities.
  • Mapping to popular standards of governance.
  • Ability to configure and customize these compliance controls.
  • Prevention and Remediation to stay secure and on top of your game.

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