Best Cloud Security Platform For DevOps Teams

Why is the DevSecOps so important?

"Shift Left" is the mantra here. DevSecOps is the backbone of any enterprise. As the DevOps teams are pushing code and applications at lightning speed, there’s a risk that comes along with it and it is the responsibility of the DevSecOps team to ensure security. This responsibility entails continuous governance of misconfigurations and avoiding vulnerabilities and threats. You as the DevSecOps team hold the tools to govern the cloud environment proactively as breaches can have serious consequences and are time consuming.

How Cloudanix stands out

Managing day to day security operations, threat modeling, incident response and escalation is made super-easy with Cloudanix. We enable the DevSecOps team to have a grip on things from the start to ensure airtight and safe deployment to avoid costly time-consuming testing and tweaking before release.

Cloudanix DevSecOps core capabilities

  • Automated security for entitlements, excess privilege and IAM.
  • Complete security and integration for workloads and multi-accounts running on AWS, GCP and Azure.
  • Deep visibility and configurations across multiple clouds, containers, workloads and Kubernetes.
  • Continuous monitoring and investigations of events.
  • Detecting anomalies and configuration changes Realtime.
  • Define and automate guardrails and enforce policies and "Shift Left".
  • Audit and one-click remediation.

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