Cloud Asset Management

What you don't know, you cannot protect!

The increasing number of Cloud Assets

Only 10% of workloads have made to the Cloud yet! That means that in coming years more and more of your applications and workloads will move to the Public Clouds, thereby increasing the number of cyber assets which you have to maintain. Also, engineering innovation is leading to several different types of cloud technologies which makes it even painful to protect.

How Cloudanix steps in?

You can't secure what you can't see or don't know. Cloud Asset Visibility matters. All the teams in your enterprise require understanding and complete visibility of the relationships mapped around your cyber assets whether critical or not. Cloudanix provides transparency and visibility to cybersecurity crew and helps them secure their digital universe. The crew needs to understand and map their assets securely for effective CSPM, IAM, GRC from a single window. This is made possible by Cloudanix's superior multi-cloud, multi-account, multi-asset visibility.

How Cloudanix achieves superior Cloud asset visibility?

Businesses are constantly evolving and adding new cyber assets at speeds equivalent to innovation. Cloudanix provides an interactive single window dashboard that automatically updates inventory across your digital universe allowing visibility of connected identities, assets and their relationships thereby centralizing your cloud data and resource management, providing insights and reports required to take necessary and corrective actions.

In 5 minutes, we can empower you to stay on top of your Cloud Assets