Secret Scanning, Compliance View, and Team Collaboration

March 31, 2023

According to Forbes, 50% of companies experienced cyber-attack attempts every week, in 2021. We are almost always on the verge of a cyber attack in this industry, which is concerning.

We realized how important it is to understand where we stand in terms of the risk factors. Thus, we introduce you to the latest feature we added to our product - “Risk Score”.

Secrets Scanning

Connect your favorite SCM and we will ensure that every commit of yours is secure. We will detect for secrets, passwords, certificates - we can identify more than 1700 patterns and notify you under a minute. You can configure your own custom patterns too.
BTW, we also do misconfig checks on your 100s of Github repositories. And the way we detect threats on your hyperscaler events, we also detect threats and mishaps in realtime on your SCM (e.g. a private repository became public)
So, go ahead and connect your Github. If you use Bitbucket or any other platform, talk to us and soon we can onboard you.
Cloud Compliance | CSPM | Cloudanix

Compliance View

This is a long awaited feature in the Misconfig capability. We have rolled out a Compliance tab under Misconfig. You can filter, view details of a specific control and all the different policies under it and even export these details for offline consumption.
Cloud Compliance | CSPM | Cloudanix

Review Your Events

Misconfig, Identity and Container capabilities had the User Review feature. As a user you can tag findings with "Acknowledgement" (which further helps you one a JIRA ticket in 1-click) or Accept the Risk (and several other workflow statuses)
Now, the same User Review feature is available for Events. It helps the team collaborate better and not let go of a notification unnoticed which could turnout be a real threat.
Events review dashboard of Cloudanix

Upgraded Identity Dashboard/ Summary Tab

The revised Identity Summary tab shows the Signals which you can click and see the results. Also, shows User Reviews like "How many Identities are signed off or Flagged?"
This further helps you find stronger and actionable signals amidst all the information you have on your hand.
Updated IAM dashboard

Other important updates

  • For GCP, we rolled out support for PubSub Lite, Cloud Tasks, Dataflow Jobs.
  • On AWS, we have improved our catalog of Events and Threats which we detect for. Now you can subscribe to them from the Settings page.
  • The Filter control on top of each page - It has more attributes which you can use to filter the data. Or "Save your queries as Views" :)
  • Several stability and performance updates across the system for faster response

Coming Soon

  • Anomaly Detection on Threats
  • Smart Alerts
  • Cloudanix GuardRails

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