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Security Platform Which Supports Data Localization

Data Residency

There are several reasons in which you might want to use Cloudanix in your own International Region rather than the default US. Below are few reasons:
  • Regulatory and Compliance standards that require data residency within the borders of EU, Australia, India, Canada or any other region.
  • Improved performance and user experience

Get Cloudanix In Your Own Region

If your organization or regulatory bodies require you to use Cloudanix in a defined region, we can ensure that the requirement is met. We run in several regions across the globe and ensure that we meet the data residency requirement.
Quote | Cloudanix
We are a Fintech company based out of India, we have to ensure that our data resides on Indian soil. We were amazed how easy it was with Cloudanix. The other tools which we evaluated did not have any support for India region to host our data, but Cloudanix made it possible for us. Now dealing with regulatory requirements is a breeze!
— Jiten Gala, VP of Engineering, Kapittx

Tired of finding a security platform which can meet your data residency requirements?

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