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“Sales is not equal to Collections management, Kapittx understands this pain of businesses. We have solved it by transforming the equation into sales + collections management resulting in better cash flow management.”
— Jiten Gala, VP of Engineering, Kapittx

Hey, why is my bank so low on cash, despite sales

Kapittx is a fast-growing SAAS start-up. They have developed an automated platform for the critical process of Accounts Receivables. Providing visibility and enabling cross-functional collaboration within companies and getting timely payments from clients. Founded in 2019 by veterans in the Payments, Finance, and Technology domains, to build next-generation tools to help enterprises attain true liquidity. The software platform enables real-time Accounts Receivables, Cash Forecasts, and Analytics for companies to gain insights into customer behavior and secure customer satisfaction.

Automated, easy-to-use, real-time alerts while providing real value

Kapittx was looking for a simple and easy-to-use solution to manage the automation of their Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. The Grading of CSPM-based misconfiguration decides whether to pass or fail the CI/CD process while maintaining compliance standards. A robust tool was required to keep in line with Kapittxs’ vision of high-speed yet secure deployments.

Kapittx handles the sensitive financial data of many organizations. Cloudanix helps with automation, continuous monitoring, and alerting for their CI/CD pipelines. Grading of violations, so the team may first attend to the important ones that may leave them vulnerable to threats.
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There are certain actions we take in our cloud environment that sound innocent and we do it in the spur of the moment - like opening port 25 for But we don’t have to worry about this or several other threats as we have Cloudanix to inform us of such - and the best part - it required 0 minutes and effort for us to enable this. It all comes bundled with 1-click.
— Jiten Gala, VP of Engineering, Kapittx
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We are a Fintech start-up, and Cloudanix has been absolute bliss. It not only tells you what's wrong but also helps you fix it. Very useful for a team which can focus on their core fintech business and can lean on Cloudanix for Cloud security.
— Jiten Gala, VP of Engineering, Kapittx

Unified dashboard for Cloud Security Posture Management in a multi-account environment

Among other concerns, the more significant one was that there was no single window to see the happenings in their cloud infrastructure. Their environments include multiple AWS accounts, which involve switching between screens constantly. Any changes to code/ infrastructure, or deployment of agents to monitor multiple accounts, were cumbersome and time-consuming.

Cloudanix provides a high-visibility unified dashboard view of their CSPM in real time. All the assets from multi-accounts and multi-users are visible with 1 click. Any changes to their multi-cloud infrastructure, if it causes an entry point for threats, are alerted in real-time, with remediation recipes.

Conforming to GRC while allowing us continuous deployments

To keep pace with their customer's requirements and demands, the development teams at Kapittx deploy code several times a day. It is natural that during these high-paced deployments, oversights are bound to happen despite precautions. Checks and alerts must be in place to monitor these oversights and align with GRC standards.
For sustainable high-paced deployments, Cloudanix provides 1-click remediation and, for some sensitive cases, easy-to-consume remediation recipes. . This helps the security teams with the much-needed recipes to maintain security and compliance. Capabilities such as misconfiguration and drift detection across multi environments help secure the assets while conforming to GRC and mitigating any threats.
Quote | Cloudanix
Our cloud infrastructure is better than ever before. Thank you, Cloudanix, for upholding the security standards of Kapittx
— Jiten Gala, VP of Engineering, Kapittx
Quote | Cloudanix
Phenomenal support by Cloudanix. Clear processes, speedy onboarding, and execution. They’re almost like an extension of our team.
— Jiten Gala, VP of Engineering, Kapittx

Almost like an extension of our team

Kapittx being a start-up, has a relatively small security team. Their focus is on serving and fueling their customers growth. An easy-to-use platform was required to be understood and adopted by a small and young team. Saving time from wasteful processes and lengthy onboarding rituals would cause team fatigue.
Cloudanix, with a high signal-to-noise ratio, ensures that the team does not waste time with false positives. A clean user interface with easy-to-use controls saves many man-hours, delivering an easily adoptable security tool. 5-minute onboarding with 1 click started adding value almost immediately.

Just-in-time access with auto revoke

Kapittx teams deploy updates regularly and to ease their deployments, like most organizations their teams had just-in-case access. This long-lived access is not advisable in the long term. There was a dire need to contain the access and provide on an as-needed basis.
Cloudanix activated the IAM-JIT (Just in Time) capability, enabling Kapittx admins to provide access as and when needed for a stipulated time. Kapittx works with consulting partners which further makes this a must-have. This capability has improved the culture at Kapittx and also ensured that their security posture is always maintained.
Quote | Cloudanix
All the stakeholders now are on least privilege as required by our auditors and are given access only when required. This has helped our GRC teams who are always on their toes. I’m surprised Cloudanix has matured so much as a product and always seems to have a solution to our problems.
— Jiten Gala, VP of Engineering, Kapittx

Partnership for long term

Working with Cloudanix, Kapittx gained confidence for high-paced deployments without worrying about security. Support provided enabled speedy remediation and an excellent cloud security posture boosting their customer's confidence.
Quote | Cloudanix
Now, whenever a customer asks us about the security measures we have in place, I confidently share the reports Cloudanix generates. This is a long-term partnership with Cloudanix, from what I can foresee.
— Jiten Gala, VP of Engineering, Kapittx

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Helped optimize 1 head-count to manage security.
Cut down on IAM review by 40 hours in a quarter saving them 1 full month in 1 year.


Software as a service



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