Cloudanix Best Practice

Best Practices for Data Privacy and Security for your Organization

What is CBP?

CBP stands for Cloudanix Best Practices. Having worked with several companies, we have realized that sometimes just following a formal Compliance is not enough. So, we went ahead and put up a list of Best Practices which almost every company should adhere to. Think of CBP as set of rules which compliment other formal compliance standards. The objective is to further strengthen your cloud security posture.

Why Cloudanix?

Cloudanix automates audits that perform various checks consisting of different rules on a wide variety of recipes that we provide. For instance, our AWS recipe of EC2 Audit contains several rules like Public Snapshots, Older Instances Running, Default VPC Not In Use, EC2 IAM Roles, EC2 Instance Counts, and many more. These audit rules help you comply with several compliance controls and takes care of the assurance processes and data security and privacy. We have many other recipes that ensure you stay compliant and build trust with your customers while we are taking care of your security audits!
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