Drift Is Real

We make it easy to manage

What is Drift?

You use several platforms, tools, applications which all have "configurations" as part of their day to day operations. You take a lot of pain to fine-tune the right settings. Over a period of time, these settings start to change for several valid reasons. Either it could be a hot-fix, vendor deprecations, process violations - resulting into changes to the desired configuration. Also, it can be a result of manual change or by various automated processes. This is Drift, where you believe your desired configurations are in place but that's not the case.

Cloud + Drift + Complexity

Drift is not necessarily bad but it can have serious consequences. As your technology footprint grows, so will your Drift. Knowing what was the value of a particular setting few months back is crucial when it comes to debugging, compliance or designing something new! At Cloudanix, we understand this and have built our Drift Management recipe to help you and your business manage this with ease.