What is Cloud Workload Protection Platform?

The art of securing container workloads

CWPP or Cloud Workload Protection Platform helps organization protects their workloads running in the cloud. Using CWPP solutions, organizations have constant visibility and control over their workloads to reduce data breaches and improve compliance.
Cloudanix CWPP

Importance of Cloud Workload Protection Platform

Businesses today, know the importance and benefits of using cloud infrastructure. As the saying goes “With great power, comes great responsibility”, the need to secure these infrastructures is a must. Use CWPP to relieve this pain, as it protects infrastructure from a wide range of threats, including malware and ransomware attacks, data breaches, and cloud misconfigurations.

Here are a few reasons to consider CWPP

  • Cloud environments are getting more complex and dynamic compared to earlier IT environments. Without a dedicated cloud security solution, it is difficult to secure these environments.
  • Cloud workloads are often exposed to more threats than traditional IT workloads. Because cloud workloads can be accessed from anywhere in the world, protecting such structures gets overwhelming.
  • Misconfigurations are internal. A single misconfiguration can attract attackers to enter your cloud environment.
Using CWPP will help mitigate all these problems and provide you a safe and secure cloud posture.

**Note: Just using CWPP is not the only solution.**

CWPP mitigates the below risks

  • Application control: Knowing which applications run on your workloads.
  • Behavioral monitoring: Detect malicious activities by monitoring the behavior of your workloads.
  • Intrusion prevention: Blocks malicious traffic from reaching your workloads.
  • Anti-malware protection: Protect your workloads from malware attacks.

Benefits of using Cloud Workload Protection Platform

Two major factors to consider using a CWPP are the size and complexity of your cloud environment and the types of workloads you want to protect. Implementing security budgets for your organization’s cloud infrastructure is important. CWPP solutions can also be integrated with other security solutions like SIEMs and firewalls.

Here are some of the benefits of using a CWPP

  • Increased visibility and control over workloads: CWPPs provide a single dashboard to manage and secure workloads across multi-clouds and on-prem environments.
  • Reduced risk of data breaches: CWPPs can help to prevent data breaches by detecting and blocking suspicious activity.
  • Improved compliance: CWPP helps organizations comply with various compliance standards, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and others.

How can CWPP help security leaders?

Apart from the features of the product, it is highly important to understand the functionality and working of a CWPP solution for the proper functioning and future advancements in your infrastructure. We have listed a few things to consider before buying a CWPP solution.

  • Visibility: The solution should provide enough visibility and control of your workload to track, configure and take required actions.
  • Threat detection: Security teams should be able to detect a wide range of threats and data breaches and keep the infrastructure secure.
  • Compliance: The selected tool should be able to comply with industry standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.
  • Usability: Tools should be easy to use in order to get the most out of it.
  • Scalability: Tools should be scalable. Meaning that they allow you to add newer workloads with ease.
  • Cost: Choose a tool that is pocket friendly, and does not blow your bank accounts.
  • Effortless Integration: CWPP tool should integrate with other security solutions so that it gives a holistic view of your security posture.
Considering all the above-mentioned details and factors, Organizations are set to start and evaluate different CWPP solutions. There are a number of CWPP vendors on the market, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs and budget.

Cloudanix’s CWPP

Cloudanix is at the top of all this and provides a robust architecture for consistent visibility and control over all workloads; regardless of location, size, or architecture. With Cloudanix CWPP, you can: Identify and remediate misconfigurations that could be exploited by attackers, Protect your workloads from known and unknown threats with real-time threat detection and response, and Automate security workflows to improve efficiency and productivity.

Secure your cloud workloads with Cloudanix CWPP, a scalable and low-friction solution.

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