Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM)

Simplified Cloud IAM To Secure Your Multi Cloud Environments

What is CIEM?

CIEM is Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management. The main function of this solution is on IAM (Identity and Access Management) governance. CIEM mitigates the risk associated with compromised credentials, privileged identities and provides a detailed log of not only who but when has anyone accessed any of the cloud resources. It helps in defining permissions which essentially means who has access to what and thus avoiding vulnerabilities in the system, keeping your cloud assets safe.

Why is CIEM Important and how Cloudanix does solve this?

CIEM helps track users' activities and can generate reports which will help track any unusual access, thus eliminating loopholes within the system. As we all preach “Prevention is better than cure” this applies here more than anywhere else. It can help track access changes or any other sensitive changes by providing a timeline view and thus preventing compromise of your cloud infrastructure. CIEM provides deep visibility of entitlements, detects identities or resources with excessive permissions to access patterns, and provides a comprehensive view of access key usage to help monitor them. It also provides an audit and report of user permissions of IAM (Identities and Access Management), Audit roles, and service accounts.

Cloudanix CIEM core capabilities

  • Complete inventory of human or machine identities across multiple clouds.
  • Overall IAM compliance scores by cloud account or account groups.
  • Detecting resources and identities with excessive permissions and entitlements.
  • Visibility and monitoring of access key usage and access patterns.
  • Audit and track changes to sensitive data on your dynamic cloud infrastructure.
  • Governs right size roles and enforce custom IAM policies.
  • Generate reports for compliance, audit, entitlements and executive summaries.

Why should you try Cloudanix for CIEM?

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Your questions answered.

How does CIEM work?

CIEM collects information about usage of resources at set intervals and aggregates it with information available on the syslog servers and source code repositories into a database that is searchable for reporting purposes.

Who needs CIEM?

Any organization moving into the cloud would require CIEM. Security is vital as incidents of unauthorized systems access may arise.

What role does CIEM play in security??

Information regarding user storage capacity, footprint, login details and generating reports on demand are some of the few ways CIEM helps in security.

How can I benefit from CIEM?

CIEM systems are designed to provide transparency and true visibility of your cloud infrastructure. It makes it easy and reduces monitoring and troubleshooting by identifying the problems.

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