Safeguard Your Identity and Entitlements across multi-cloud environments


In the past, organizations have typically relied on traditional identity and access management (IAM) tools to control access to cloud infrastructure resources. However, IAM tools were not well suited for managing access to cloud infrastructure. They were designed to manage access to applications and data.

End-to-end cross-cloud visibility using the CIEM dashboard

While basic identity management provides a foundation for access control, CIEM offers a more comprehensive approach to securing cloud infrastructure resources.

Cloudanix CIEM dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your cloud identities and entitlements, including roles, and permissions.

Cloudanix is capable of accessing your multi-cloud environments and enables you to identify and remediate excessive permissions and potential security risks without leaving the console.

Identities Dashboard with a detailed summary

The Identities section provides a brief overview of the total available identities that not only display users, but also roles, groups, access keys, and service accounts available in your cloud environment.

Identities summary of entire infrastructure

A single dashboard to cover a range of cloud accounts is much more convenient than having multiple cloud-native tools. The account distribution section shows the distribution of all your identities across several cloud accounts.

This can help you identify accounts that include a list of identities, which could be a sign of excessive permissions.

Account Distribution summary of entire infrastructure

The misconfiguration section shows the total available misconfigurations found in your cloud environments.

In addition to misconfigurations, Cloudanix also provides information about the affected policies, including the number of identities to be addressed, and the severity of the issue.

Detailed summary of misconifgurations

Prioritizing Identity risks was never this easy

Prioritising identities based on risk levels

The Identities tab is a blessing to the security teams! With all the identity logs in one place, Cloudanix provides you with every detail including access to several resources an identity holds.

With the “Filter” control feature, users can prioritize identities based on several factors such as risk levels, severity, account type, user type, identity type, cloud environments, signal type, role, and there are many more

Access Just in Time - Exactly the way it sounds!

Detailed log of accounts and permissions with IAM JIT

Granting access permissions to a user is easy, but maintaining identity hygiene is the real pain!

There are times when someone outside the team or third-party users need access to your organizational resources. What about the permissions left behind after the outsider has finished using your organization’s cloud resources?

To solve this problem, Cloudanix created “IAM - Just in Time”. The IAM JIT allows users to request permissions from the admins for the required resource, role, account, and cloud environment for a limited time.

Once permission has been granted, Cloudanix takes care of downgrading the charge of the issued user after their selected time has expired.

A Dashboard - Almost anyone can understand!

Cloudanix CIEM view acts like a “CIEM Headquarter” for your security teams. With our intuitive dashboard, we focus on keeping things as simple as possible. Because your time is valuable, we believe our users should not dawdle in finding security mishaps.

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