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You'd be surprised to find that very few businesses can fill a position within a month. The rest take about 2-4 months to hire. Most often, determining whether or not the candidates are skill-fit is done manually. With iMocha, organizations have cut their time-to-hire in half, even for the niche roles.
— Nilesh Pethani, Application Architect, iMocha

Hire faster and better

iMocha is a fast-growing start-up that has developed the world’s most extensive skills assessment and skills intelligence platform. It enables organizations to hire job-fit candidates and measure ROI of L&D programs to help organizations build winning teams. iMocha has an extensive skill library with over 2500 skills and and serves 500+ organizations across 70+ countries. It aims to help organizations make intelligent talent decisions by determining critical skills and competencies, building organisation skills meter, and more.

Customer trust and confidence

iMocha works with global enterprises such as Vanguard, EY, PayPal, Capgemini, Deloitte, and Fujitsu, to name a few.
Organizations worldwide are currently investing more in security features, and they are in search of tools that can facilitate them with security and safety. iMocha was also in search of such a solution with a robust CIEM to manage and maintain user permissions regularly. It wanted a tool that could support multi-subscriptions, multi-regions, and multi-runtime DevSecOps pipelines, misconfigurations, and drift detection. Since Cloudanix provides all these solutions, iMocha decided to implement Cloudanix.
iMocha is one of the fastest-growing companies, and its engineering team innovates the platform at a high velocity. It has a vast cloud infrastructure, and the amount of alerts is too much to handle at times. Cloudanix helps continuously monitor the cloud infrastructure and alert them of any violations that may leave them vulnerable to threats. Cloudanix reduces the alerts to only the important ones so that an alert does not go unnoticed and also have a snooze feature that can delay particular alerts as per requirements
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While we helped our clients to reduce their most pressing problem of hiring skill-fit candidates at half the time they would ideally take, Cloudanix helped us achieve the same with our security maintenance.
— Vishal Madan, Head of Engineering, iMocha
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Love the fact that Cloudanix covers both Container runtime security and misconfiguration checks with integrations to Jira and several other collaboration tools we use.
— Sujit Karpe, CTO, iMocha

Container and Kubernetes security

iMocha has the capability to run coding simulations at scale on its platform. It is built on AKS with state-of-the-art architecture, which can handle large-scale coding simulations. Solutions available in the market were unable to meet the security requirements of iMocha.
Cloudanix facilitated iMocha with security for their Kubernetes environment and provide customization security policies according to their requirements without any delay in the adoption of the tool.
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Industry compliance frameworks, check!

Working with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies means conforming to extensive compliance standards. It is challenging to maintain a robust and secure cloud infrastructure. Therefore, it is essential to conduct periodic checks for updates in frameworks of various compliance families like CIS, GDPR, ISO27001, etc., to stay current as per the latest regulations.
Cloudanix understands the importance of staying up to date with the latest regulations and compliance. A systematic approach is followed to maintain the highest standards of checks and balances. With continuous monitoring capability, Cloudanix maps multiple compliance and checks the rules that pass or fail. For any instance that violates the rules, alerts are sent out for remediation. This ensures the cloud infrastructure maintains a state of sound health.
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Compliance is one way of staying secure, but what I want is the ability to go deeper and attain “true security.” Cloudanix provides us the capability to do so
— Vishal Madan, Head of Engineering, iMocha
Single dashboard to all your misconfigs
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The problem with permissions is a lot of times, the gaps are left open due to oversights from inside the organization itself. With Cloudanixs’ CIEM, we get a complete view of user permissions and access. This enables us to update the permissions, reducing the attack surface.
— Nilesh Pethani, Application Architect, iMocha

Excessive permissions! Not gonna happen

With a growing team comes a host of problems, especially concerning permissions. If not handled periodically and adequately, this can be catastrophic. To solve this, complete visibility into the roles and permissions is critical so that it can be checked regularly. For that purpose, a simple and easy-to-use system has to be put in place that does not cause fatigue. iMocha wanted the ability to check user access periodically to avoid any untoward instances.
Cloudanix provides a single-window view of the entire Identities and Entitlements world (CIEM). Visibility into users, roles, activity, access type, and distribution of the IAM artifacts with a comprehensive log of any user can be seen with a single click. Cloudanix provides peace of mind by offering checks and alerts for suspicious activity or behavior and empowered iMocha with a dynamic view builder where their security team can build their own queries and make informed decisions.

Ease of adoption

iMocha teams are very versatile, but any new tool brings with it a set of challenges. If the tool, no matter how many problems it can solve, is not easy to use, it will not be adopted in the long run. To reduce fatigue, the tool must have excellent ease of adoption.
Cloudanix has been developed and designed keeping in mind this basic principle. Within 5 minutes of onboarding, Cloudanix adds value. Its well-laid-out and easy-to- understand UX provides the user with the information required instantly without having to search or switch windows.
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Any tool, no matter what it can solve, to be used to its full potential must have ease of adoption.
— Vishal Madan, Head of Engineering, iMocha
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Cloudanix is always on my team's lips because of its exceptional support. Be it a small or big query, Cloudanix has gone above and beyond to resolve them. This one’s a keeper for us.
added Sujit Karpe, CTO, iMocha

Partnership and exceptional support

Exceptional support is one of the things iMocha values most in the partnership with Cloudanix. Our cloud security posture has given iMocha the confidence to face any security-related questions from customers and prospects.

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About Cloudanix

Cloudanix is YCombinator-backed & provides a DevSecOps Cloud Security platform covering compliance, IAM, and container workload protection - to meet your growing cyber-threat requirements. Cloudanix reduces Identity and Compliance risks for the Cloud Infrastructure. In a multi-account and multi-cloud setup, the risk of poor access management and bad compliance posture grows exponentially, and we mitigate them.
The founders have spent several years working on Infrastructure and IAM products, and their teams have dealt with the security pain several times. This experience has ensured that an easy-to-use Cloud Security solution is developed. AWS has seen the value of Cloudanix and partnered with us to bring Cloud Security to the forefront.

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