GCP marketplace, secrets verification, SIEM integration and more

October 5, 2023

We're excited to announce we are now listed on the GCP Marketplace too. We're moving fast to not just provide better capabilities and workflows but to also make Cloudanix available at your favorite marketplaces like AWS, Azure and now GCP.
Read along to see what we have brewed for you last month.

Re-evaluate misconfiguration policies

Now, you can re-evaluate misconfiguration policies as soon as you address the gaps. No need to wait for end-of-the-day policy checks. And, you will get notified as soon as the evaluation is completed. Bonus: We also evaluate related policies.
Re-evaluation using Cloudanix dashboard

Confirmation mail of the changes from Cloudanix dashboard

Secrets verification

As part of secret detection in your SCM tool, Cloudanix can verify and check the validity of secrets checked-in in your code. Even by mistake!!
Log of secrets checked in your code

SIEM integrations

Integrate security findings (Threats, Anomalies, Events, and Misconfigurations) with your favorite SIEM tool via webhooks.

Organization events

In AWS, Cloudanix can monitor organization level events and alert you when something suspicious occurs.
Log of secrets checked in your code

CIS 2.0.0 for GCP

We have added support for CIS 2.0.0 in GCP. All the controls are mapped to misconfiguration policies for your regulatory requirements.

Brace yourself for what’s coming up next:

  • IAM Right sizing for GCP & AWS
  • ISO 27002 compliance support
  • DigitalOcean CSPM & 1-Click Kubernetes integration

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