Security Context, Bitbucket Security and Container Security upgrades

May 3, 2023

Filter the events and identities with signals

We released “Signals” a few months back to give additional context on what’s going on in your cloud infrastructure. Our users gave additional feedback, and now we are rolling out pre-built Signals as part of the Filter control.

What’s better than just seeing all the signals? ….. Capability to filter them, right?
Events signal control dasboard
Identities signal control dasboard

If GitHub is secured, can Bitbucket be far behind?

Last month we announced GitHub security, where we covered three areas.

  • Misconfig: E.g. Outside collaborator is as Admin
  • Events and Threats: E.g. Your private repository became public
  • Secret Detection: E.g. Developer checked in a secret in this Repo, in this file online number x
Now we have rolled out these capabilities to Bitbucket too. Here’s a peek.

Bitbucket Events Monitoring

Bitbuckte events monitoring dashboard

Bitbucket Secret Scanning

Bitbuckte events monitoring dashboard
You know what’s not awesome: To check in secrets in your source code. But you know what is awesome: For Cloudanix to detect if the secrets get checked in and alert you in real time. Hey, there are a few things beyond awesome - but email isn’t the best way to show those to you. Give Bitbucket security a spin, and we can help you discover those 🙂

Yes, other platforms are coming soon.

Container Security upgrade

Container Security upgrade to support latest EKS Linux AMIs (AmazonLinux2 & Bottlerocket)

Brace yourself for what’s coming up next:

  • Realtime Events Anomaly support for GCP & AZURE - Additional Events support for IAM in Azure. Ex: Permissions updated for Service Account, User MFA changes, etc.
  • In Secret Scanning Capability - Support for Custom Patterns and Exclusions for existing Patterns, Files or Secrets
  • VM Scanning
  • Attack Path

Scaletozero podcastScale to Zero

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Find more conversations at ScaleToZero website.

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