Real-time scan, Attack path graph view and Global search

August 9, 2023

Cloudanix is now an AWS ISV Accelerate partner. 🥳🥳🥳
This means that AWS recognizes the work Cloudanix is doing in the security space, and you, our customers are to thank for that. So Cheers to you.

Realtime Vulnerability Scanning for Virtual Machines

Similar to real-time threat detection for Kubernetes clusters, we have extended that to Virtual Machines. Detect malwares and vulnerabilities in your Hosts real-time, instead of waiting for the end of the week or the end of the month assessments.
We maintain an up to date list of all applications installed on the endpoints, use that to identify vulnerable applications using database of CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures)
VM vulnerability scanning

PAM login session details

Global Search

Search for any asset, principal, ip, events, etc. and you can find out misconfigurations, events, and asset Information, all in one place.
Global search feature in dashboard

Global search feature detailed view in dashboard

Graph View of Attack Path and Connected Assets

It’s not enough to see an asset information without its related assets and also, if there’s an attack path that can be exploited. With the connected assets view, you can do both. You can expand this further by clicking on any node and see it’s connected assets as well.
secret scanning capability - dashboard

Shortcuts in misconfigurations

We are introducing shortcuts for rule activation/deactivation, review initiation, docs, and magic link.
Shortcuts in misconfig - Cloudanix dashboard

Re-designed Dashboard, Events & Misconfigurations

We have re-designed the dashboard, events, and misconfigurations to bring forward the most useful information for your day-to-day work. Do share if you have any feedback. We would love to hear and improve.
The new redesigned dashboard

The new redesigned events dashboard

The new redesigned misconfig dashboard

Here are some more goodies for you

  • Image Scanning at Build Time with GitHub Actions - Auto-scan your images before deploying to avoid pushing vulnerable containers to production.
  • With our GitHub Action, you can scan and view findings in GitHub Workflows and in Cloudanix Console.

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