And with your Risk Score, you'll get a better picture of your security!

August 1, 2022

According to Forbes, 50% of companies experienced cyber-attack attempts every week, in 2021. We are almost always on the verge of a cyber attack in this industry, which is concerning.

We realized how important it is to understand where we stand in terms of the risk factors. Thus, we introduce you to the latest feature we added to our product - “Risk Score”.

Risk score

The higher the risk score, the safer you are!

Risk score trend

You can get a view of your risk score trend from our dashboard.

Here’s what we have been busy shipping

In case you missed our previous updates, here's what we have shipped
  • Cloudanix is now on AWS Marketplace - Less friction and delays for your Cloud security teams to fix vulnerabilities and reduce the risks.
  • Custom Views: Now you can build custom queries (called as Views) which you can use to load information rather quickly.
  • Enhanced Filter Control: The filter control is now enhanced to allow you to filter data using Tags/ Labels, or even an individual policy. This helps you slice and dice the information for better communication.
  • Console link: Just looking at the asset name in Cloudanix console isn’t as productive as being able to click on it which takes you to the cloud provider’s console. Right? So, we are rolling out the Console link which gives you 1-click access to the AWS/ Azure/ GCP console.
  • And the Console project is open-sourced: Yes! We feel many of our fellow devops and secops community will be benefited with our work on the Console Link.


In case you missed our previous updates, here's what we have shipped

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