IAM JIT, PagerDuty Integration, Image scanning with Jenkins and Bitbucket

September 1, 2023

The most in demand security feature across the globe has now been shipped. Take a guess, it gives you super powers....still not sure then read along to see what I'm talking about.
Cloudanix joins AWS ISV Accelerate program, real about it here.

Just In Time Access

Instead of Just In Case Access, now your team can request elevated privileges for Just In Time Access. With in-built workflows, you have the super power to follow Principles of Least Privilege without any effort. Cloudanix takes care of Providing Access, Revoking Access and Auditing the Access.
IAM JIT Access dashboard

IAM JIT Access request dashboard

IAM JIT view dashboard

IAM JIT overview dashboard

PagerDuty Integration

Arm your on-call team with additional context from Cloudanix. Integrate Cloudanix with PagerDuty to push Security Alerts to PagerDuty Services.
Global search feature in dashboard

Global search feature detailed view in dashboard

Graph View of Attack Path and Connected Assets

It's not enough to see an asset information without its related assets and also, if there’s an attack path that can be exploited. With the connected assets view, you can do both. You can expand this further by clicking on any node and see it’s connected assets as well.
Pagerduty settings - dashboard

Cloudanix and pager integration

Cloudanix and pager integration

Image Scanning at Build Time with Jenkins and Bitbucket

We have extended Image Scanning capability to Jenkins and Bitbucket as well. With a few clicks, Integrate Image Scanning in your pipelines. With our Plugins, findings are presented at both the Pipeline and in the Cloudanix Console.

Threat Detection for GitHub & Bitbucket

Similar to our Threat Detection for Clouds (AWS, GCP & Azure), we have added Threat Detection capabilities to GitHub and Bitbucket. We cover over 30 threats ranging from License Changes to Repository Status changes and many more.

AWS Startup Security Baseline Compliance Pack

AWS Startup Security Baseline (SSB) is a set of controls that create a minimum foundation for businesses to build securely on AWS without decreasing their agility. We have built a Compliance Pack for Startups to visualize the Security Posture of the foundation.

Kubernetes Support for Pod Security Standards instead of Pod Security Policies

Pod Security Policies (PSP) were officially deprecated and was replaced with Pod Security Admission (PSA) in Kubernetes version 1.21. It implements Pod Security Standards (PSS), policies to cover broad security spectrum. In 1.25, PSP was completely removed. So, we have updated our charts to support PSAs.

Here’s a migration guide: https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/configure-pod-container/migrate-from-psp/
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