Cloudanix joins AWS ISV Accelerate Program

Cloudanix, a YCombinator-backed cloud security platform, is delighted to announce it has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program. The AWS ISV Accelerate Program is a co-sell initiative for organizations that provide software solutions running on or integrating with AWS. The program helps drive new business and accelerate sales cycles by connecting participating independent ISVs with the AWS Sales organization. This recognition highlights Cloudanix's commitment to excellence and innovation in the cloud security industry.

Cloudanix is designed to safeguard business’ important assets with proactive threat detection, real-time monitoring, and automated remediation. Cloudanix empowers organizations to identify and respond to potential security threats swiftly, preventing breaches and ensuring seamless business continuity. The AWS ISV Accelerate Program is a testament to Cloudanix’s dedication to providing cloud security solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. Cloudanix has its ability to deploy advanced cloud security solutions that complement and enhance AWS’s offerings.

Cloudanix’s AWS ISV Accelerate Partner status is aligned with its mission to empower businesses to embrace the advantages of the cloud confidently. By leveraging AWS’s world-class infrastructure and Cloudanix’s security expertise, customers can optimize their cloud environments while ensuring top-notch protection against cyber threats.
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We are delighted to be recognized as an AWS ISV Accelerate Partner. This underscores our dedication to providing best-in-class cloud security solutions to our customers. With the unparalleled support from AWS, we are excited to further enhance our cloud security platform and help businesses thrive in the digital landscape securely.
— Sujay Maheshwari - Co-founder & CEO
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Cloudanix, a Cloud Security Platform that differentiates by
  • Identifying and solving security gaps
  • Consolidating 5–6-point security solutions
  • Smart remediation workflows that increase productivity and save time
  • Code, cloud, and workload security from a single dashboard
  • IAM JIT (Just In Time) to provide timely access only when required
  • Both SaaS and CloudPrem deployments with data residency options.

About Cloudanix

Cloudanix is Y Combinator-backed and offers a comprehensive cloud security platform. By providing real-time monitoring, threat detection, and automated remediation, Cloudanix offers an all-in-one solution that minimizes security risks and maximizes business continuity. With a user-friendly intuitive interface and advanced analytics, Cloudanix empowers businesses to proactively respond to emerging threats, effectively preventing potential security breaches. The founders have spent several years working on Infrastructure and IAM products, and their teams have dealt with the security pain several times. This experience has ensured that an easy-to-use Cloud Security solution is developed. AWS has seen the value of Cloudanix and partnered to bring Cloud Security to the forefront.

Customer Success Story

Airgap Networks has developed an agentless, universal segmentation solution that protects IT, OT, and cloud systems by providing visibility and management capabilities. It has built next-generation tools to help enterprises attain their true potential. It has innovated and launched the industry’s first “Ransomware Kill Switch™,” which enables a “surgical response” to ransomware attacks, stopping the malware from spreading without impacting productivity.

Cloudanix helped Airgap Network’s teams stay on top with real-time alerts and remediation. Enabling a unified window for their multi-runtime, multi-account infrastructure and their various teams to collaborate and align better. Cloudanix provides high visibility into the assets, inventory, and IAM, allowing the right sizing of roles and helping visualize the attack path. See the full case study here.

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