It's raining Misconfig and I love to snooze to get extra sleep!

December 20, 2022

2022 will soon end - but the threats sitting on top of misconfigurations may not. Here's a fun part though - our engineering team is busy shipping and this will not end :)

Kubernetes Misconfigurations

Earlier in the year, we shipped Kubernetes Runtime Protection capability. Now we can also help you know & fix misconfigurations - like - Run privileged containers, Cluster admin binding, Missing Resource policies, Immutable container filesystem, Ingress and Egress blocked - and many more. I think we have 70 odd checks so far. Can't get any more comprehensive than this.
And this also comes with the configurability portion and all the other workflow integrations like "Open your Jira ticket", Exclude resources, Accept Risk and so many more collaborative tools inbuilt.

Introducing, Github Misconfigurations

Cloudanix provides you a single Dashboard for AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, DigitalOcean. Now, you can further attain a great security posture with Github Misconfiguration. Connect your Github organization to analyze the holes and cracks that you have which can now be fixed easily.
And soon, you will hear about more capabilities for Github (realtime events) and also across other services like Bitbucket, Azure DevOps.

And finally, manage your Alert settings at Workspace level!

While we are on the topic of managing alerts efficiently, let us also tell you that now you can update your Alerts across multiple cloud accounts in 1-click. Cloudanix promises a single Dashboard across your cloud accounts and we don't want you to jump between cloud consoles - well - in that case we don't want you to jump across Alert settings to manage your notifications across multiple cloud accounts. Just 1-click and done!

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