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Trustworthy and secure transportation is the need of the hour, and we do it in style.
— Akash Maheshwari, Co-founder MoveInSync

One-stop Fleet Management Solution

MoveInSync is a rapidly-growing company that provides a complete solution for transparent and customizable fleet management services and employee transportation solutions—trusted by 35+ Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft, Infosys, Wipro, Facebook, and Amazon, to name a few. MoveInSync helps enterprises transport over 500,000 employees per day using patented algorithms to ensure optimum vehicle utilization and employee commute time

Security first with high compliance standards.

MoveInSync is a security-first company and ensures the safety and security of its customer's employees. They wanted a partner who could also help them become a secure cloud user. Investing in security and the right tools is vital for them. The solution must be abreast with the latest compliance standards and support multi-accounts, multi-regions, and multi-runtime DevSecOps pipelines, along with misconfigurations. That is why MoveInSync implemented Cloudanix.

Cloudanix fulfills these criteria and more. Cloudanix provides an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard that helps see all the happenings in the cloud in a clear and organized manner. All the assets are mapped so that it is easy to detect drifts and misconfigurations. Roles and permissions are clearly visible, avoiding excess permissions that may lead to abuse. In case of any issues, alerts are sent out via channels and integrations of your choice. These capabilities, among others, have helped keep their security team on top of things while mitigating threats.
Testimonials | Cloudanix
Security has been our top priority, not only in our products and services but also in our cloud infrastructure. Cloudanix has helped us achieve a noteworthy security posture.
— Bhargav Garimella - Senior Engineering Manager at MoveInSync
All compliance standards at glance
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Testimonial | Cloudanix
Cloudanix is a powerful tool and easy to use. The team adopted it in no time due to its clean and intuitive interface.
— Bhargav Garimella- Senior Engineering manager MoveInSync

Unified Dashboard leads to ease-of-adoption

Multiple stakeholders can lead to friction if the tools in use are complicated and cause fatigue. With so many things to look at and secure in the cloud environment, there needs to be one single place of truth. Some features are more difficult to find than others and are left unused in the process. To be user-friendly, all the requisite information must be visible in a few clicks.

Cloudanix offers a unified dashboard and one single place of truth for all the cloud environments. All the information is available and quantified into a risk score. Internally the MoveInSync team attends to the findings and, with consistent effort, ensures the risks are mitigated. This high visibility into the cloud infrastructure helps weed out the issues one by one, resulting in a highly secure environment.

Container Security too!

Multiple tools to maintain multiple aspects of Cloud Security were painful. Hopping from different browser tabs to keep track of changes was not sustainable and was causing fatigue. The requirement was simple, to have a single tool with capabilities matching the multiple tools replaced by a single dashboard.

Armed with Cloudanix, MoveInSyncs’ team defeated fatigue and got their ask for a single tool with a single dashboard to provide all the information. Not just for CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) and CIEM (Cloud Identity and Entitlements Management) but also for staying on top of security for Kubernetes-based Container Workloads.
Quote | Cloudanix
I’m surprised. What does this tool not do? It has covered the 3 major security areas in a single window. Impressive!!
— Bhargav Garimella- Senior Engineering manager MoveInSync
Container security dashboard
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Partnership with an edge

MoveInSync has a sizable team devoted to security. Like with any tool that involves multiple stakeholders, there are bound to be questions. If not answered timely, they cause a cascading delay in solving security risks. Cloudanix understands this and is always prepared to extend any help and support timely. This gives confidence for high-velocity project deployments.
Quote | Cloudanix
For a long-lasting partnership, great support goes a long way. Cloudanix has delivered exceptional support whenever required. Their edge is their team is always ready to go beyond to solve any issues that we have. This speaks volumes about the culture at Cloudanix. Love it!
— Akash Maheshwari, Co-founder MoveInSync

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