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A single platform for Misconfigurations, Container Security, Attack Paths, Identity Management, Code Security

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Multi* Security Platform

You have Multiple Clouds, Accounts, Runtimes, Tools.

Cloudanix provides a central Dashboard to secure your AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Kubernetes, Github and several other cloud platforms.
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Container Security Platform Covering Image, Config And Runtime Security

Cloudanix CWPP is the most comprehensive solution covering Image Security, Container Misconfig and Container Runtime Security. With a single click you get all these capabilities on a single dashboard. We ensure your EKS, AKS, GKE, DigitalOcean Kubernetes or any flavor of Kubernetes based workloads are secure from the time your images are built in your CI platform to all the way of their runtime execution.
Cloudanix dashboard: Workload security

Cloud Misconfigurations are easy for an attacker to exploit but easier to fix

Cloudanix checks your Cloud accounts for more than 1000+ Policies which are mapped to several compliance standards including HITRUST, SOC2, HIPAA, CIS and many more. You can customize these policies, build workflows on top of them to further improve productivity of a busy Security team. We keep track of the entire history of your workloads, help you open a Jira ticket in 1-click or you can exclude cloud assets which you think shouldn't be monitored.
Cloudanix dashboard: Cloud misconfigurations

Threats and Anomalies in Real time with detailed context

Higher number of notifications do not equate to better security. Infact, Cloudanix ensures these threats are enriched with sufficient context, analyzed for anomaly and ready for consumption. We further optimize the notifications so that they do not become an overhead. Get events which matter to you with zero noise. You can open a Jira ticket, snooze a certain alert for few hours and many more such workflows can be integrated in just 1-click.
Cloudanix dashboard: Event monitoring and threat detection

Your attacker will exploit your over provisioned Identities and Permissions

Identities and Entitlements take shape slowly and thus we fail to notice the risks they bring to the cloud workloads. Knowing Who has access to what, Should they have access to what they have, all the actions carried out by the various principals, IAM JIT and many more such capabilities are crucial for a Security team to operate. With 1-click onboarding and read-only access, Cloudanix gives you all of this.
Cloudanix dashboard: Identity and access management

A secret here and a secret there will invite your attackers everywhere!

A single secret in the hand of an attacker can become the weakest link in your security posture. Secrets can be found in your source code, images, workloads and all those areas where you least expected them to be in. Don't guesswork but instead let Cloudanix monitor for more than 2000+ patterns and alert you well within a minute. You can extend these secrets with your own pattern too.
Cloudanix dashboard: Secrets scanning

Why Cloudanix?

We replace your current 6-8 security tools in a single click. And there is no match for our customer support.

Multi* Ready

It is challenging for Operation teams to monitor Multiple Accounts, Multiple Regions, Multiple tools while operating across Multiple Clouds. Cloudanix simplifies this by offering a single view into your Security world.

Workflow Ready

Simply showing findings does not make your life easy. As a user of security platform, you need inbuilt workflows like opening JIRA ticket, snoozing notifications at times, flagging permissions and resolving those. Cloudanix provides many such workflows out of the box.

Support First

Our Customer Success makes us stand apart. We become an extension of your Security and Cloud Ops teams. The way we do that it simply open a Slack or MS Teams channel. Like how you collaborate with your company team members, do you do the same with us.

1-click Onboarding

You are busy. You do not have enough team members to manage because security is demanding. We know this very well as we were in your shoes once. Thus, using Cloudanix is 1-click and 30 minutes of commitment.


JIRA, Slack, MS Teams, Emails, Webhooks or any platform of your choice - we integrate with them and boost your team productivity.

Bring Your Own Data

We understand you might need customized and tailor the solution for your needs. And that's completely possible so that no edge-case is left out. You get access to our API which also powers our Console Dashboard.

What our users are saying

They love us, and we love them too!

Brandon Steelman

Gartner quote | Cloudanix

Cloudanix completed the misconfiguration assessment of our AWS accounts even before we could fill up the subscription page with our credit card details!

Satish Mohan

CTO, Airgap Networks
Gartner quote | Cloudanix

We are excited to leverage Cloudanix's comprehensive multi-cloud DevSecOps solution to secure our production workloads on AWS. Cloudanix has demonstrated that it can solve many challenges that DevSecOps teams face, while continually adding new features such as SOC2 compliance and drift detection which drive daily security and operational benefits.

Monitored 6+ million assets

Secured 1000+ cloud accounts

Detected 1+ million events and threats

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We Are Multi* Ready - So Are Your Attackers

Your attack surface is wide and deep. Just because you have secured few, doesn't mean your attacker won't exploit the ones which you couldn't secure yet. Cloudanix makes it easy for you to monitor and remediate all of your cloud vectors that can be compromised and become a threat to your organization. We are on a mission to give you 1 single platform instead of you using 5-8 different tools increasing your cost of security operations.
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From Build to Runtime

Code, Image, Misconfig, Runtime, IAM. All in a single click and 30 minutes of onboarding.


1000+ policies which you can configure, inbuilt remediation or documentation which hand-holds your team.

About CSPM


Workload security ensures no misconfig and runtime threats are exploited by your attacker.

About CWPP


Keep your permissions in check. We help you know and configure the pricipal of least privilege.

About CIEM


Don't let a silly misconfig in your Github help your attacker takeover your cloud accounts.

Image Security

Why deploy an image which is vulnerable or compromised. Detect and fix the issues right at the CI time.


If you know what attack is going on, you can take an action immediately. That's what we help you win at.


Help your business win with their compliance reporting with least effort. Configure the standards which matter to your business.

Secrets Detection

Secrets are everywhere and they need to be protected. They can become the weakest link in your posture.

Inside Out and Outside In Detection

Just securing from within is not enough. See what your attacker can see with our Attack Path feature.