Detect Your Cloud Misconfigurations

Reduce your risks by fixing your misconfigurations before they become a threat.

Misconfiguration Is #1 Reason For Security Mishaps!

We all want to adopt the latest and the greatest in the cloud technologies to support the growing business demands. But we also know that the more tools and platforms we onboard, we become vulnerable to external and internal threats.

"Your oversights leave you at risks. In other words, the bad actors are not coming after you, but your silly mistakes are taking you closer to them! Know these mistakes before they outpace you!!"

- CISO of a Fortune 500 Fintech company

Know Your GCP Misconfigurations

What you don't know, you cannot fix!

GCP Compute Monitoring

Protect your Compute resources and your entire Cloud workload


GCP IAM Compliance

It takes one mistake on your part for a malicious actor to damage your brand!


GCP Kubernetes Monitoring

Protect your Kubernetes and your entire Cloud workload


GCP Logs Monitoring

Protect your Logging setup and your entire Cloud workload


GCP CloudSql Monitoring

Your data needs highest level of protection. Cloudanix can provide that to you.


GCP Storage Monitoring

Protect your storage and your entire Cloud workload


GCP VPC Monitoring

Protect your Network and related resources


Misconfigurations are easy to fix and also easy to exploit

The easy part of misconfiguration is that you can learn about them with minimal effort. The toughest part of misconfiguration is you staying ahead of attackers.