Increased productivity and visibility

September 2, 2022

Recently, several nations and businesses have been affected by data breaches, and according to statistics, human error accounts for 95 percent of cybersecurity breaches. This highlights how important it is for employees to be aware of the possible consequences that can protect their infrastructure from outside attacks.

In the past month, we have made significant progress on several new features and enhancements.

Here are some highlights

Predefined Views for focused work

With our pre-build views, customers can focus on the most important risks. Reach out to us to build more of these and we can roll them out for you. (shhhh .. we are soon rolling out an ability for you to build your own queries and views)

Enhanced Azure realtime monitoring

Additional rules supported, including events occurring in the Azure Active Directory. e.g Login without MFA, New role assignment as owner, etc.

IAM + Events

You can see the events initiated by the Principal right from the IAM screens.

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