Security context, Events anomaly and Bulk reviews

June 9, 2023

Real-time Events Anomaly support for GCP & AZURE and signals in notifications

This has been an awaited feature by many. We're glad to announce it's finally here. With real-time events anomaly alerts for GCP and Azure your cloud infrastructure is safer than ever. Suspicious behavior that you may miss seeing is automatically reported to you for correction. This feature is sure to bring you a good night's sleep and lay your worries to rest. :)
Events signal control dasboard

Auto Snooze to avoid alerts fatigue

Don't we all snooze our alarms every once in a while? Imagine your clock could snooze the days you want it to automatically and ring the other days when you need it to. Crazy right? This is enabled for you and visible in the email.
Event auto snooze feature - dashboard

In Secret Scanning Capability - Support for Custom Patterns and Exclusions for existing Patterns, Files or Secrets

This allows for more flexibility in identifying and managing secrets within files or code repositories. This feature enables organizations to tailor the secret scanning process to their specific needs and requirements.
secret scanning capability - dashboard

Bulk update of Events

This feature allows you to manage multiple events in a click rather than making individual updates to each event separately, saving you time and fatigue. This capability is particularly useful in scenarios where you need to apply a consistent change or modification across a large number of events simultaneously.
bulk events feature - Cloudanix dashboard

Here are some more goodies for you

  • Scan Full Repository for secrets in both Github and Bitbucket.
  • Additional Events support for IAM in Azure. E.g.: Permissions updated for Service Account, User MFA changes, etc.

Brace yourself for what’s coming up next:

  • Attack Path
  • VM Security

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