API Versioning, a Free edX Course, and Why Post-Interview Feedback is a Relic from a Bygone Era | Cloudanix Weekly Newsletter #3

Dev Tips, Tools, Culture

  • A post on HackerNews offers a quick look at the most common technologies that developers are choosing to utilize when building their next app.   
  • New hires say that Affinity has “the best engineering onboarding experience” that they’ve ever been through. Click here to read more about Affinity’s revamped onboarding process.
  • Here’s how Shopify handles API versioning and dealing with “breaking and non-breaking changes” to ensure that they deliver a stable and predictable API to their clients. 


  • Waveguide is a massive design knowledge bank with curated learning content. It enables users to sharpen their design skills and deepen their understanding of the design landscape. Here’s the best part – it’s completely free!

  • If you’ve ever worked on Optical Character Recognition, then you’ve probably heard of Tesseract – the open-source OCR engine whose development has been sponsored by Google since 2006. Here’s a “pure Javascript port” of the popular engine – it supports over 100 languages and can run in a browser or on a server with NodeJS.

  • Did you know that the first jet fighter used by the United States Air Force, was designed and built in just a little under five months? And that, in 1995, the first prototype of Javascript was implemented in just ten days? Click here to read about these and other “examples of people quickly accomplishing ambitious things together.”

Deep Learning

  • If you’re curious about OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and want to gain a better understanding of their intended use, then checkout Philippe De Ryck’s presentation on the subject.

  • If you have a home server, use traefik, and want to avoid spending money on ngrok for memorable subdomains, then here’s a DIY ngrok alternative guide that you might find helpful.

  • Kip Peters, Director of Risk Management at Vertex, has released a blog series called “Breaking the Barrier to SaaS Implementation.” It explores best practices in vetting SaaS vendors to ensure data protection and streamlined workflows throughout product design, manufacturing, and lifecycle support. Click here to start with the first blog in the series, which focuses on cloud security.

  • The Linux Foundation has launched a free edX course called “Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering and DevOps.” It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about DevOps’ influence on software delivery, cloud computing, the open container ecosystem and much more!

From Popular Sources

  • Are you a manager who’s wondering how you should approach your end-of-the-year review with an employee? Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Team, has shared a helpful meeting template, that can give you a few ideas on how you may want to approach this conversation.

  • Repetitive log-in requests, notification requests, and egregious subscription models – here are Abid Omar’s thoughts on how “The modern web is becoming unusable, user-hostile wasteland.” Depressing, but true.

  • Remember the last time you appeared for an interview? After the interview process concluded, the HR employee probably told you that they “will let you know.” Yet, weeks later, you didn’t receive any notification about whether you’d been selected or rejected for the job. Here’s why that happened, and why post-interview “feedback is offered sparingly—if at all.”

  • Matt Layman offers a detailed, unabashed postmortem which covers how his SaaS startup failed, and the pitfalls that you may want to avoid if you’re thinking of building a SaaS of your own.

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