Author: Sreeja Sinha

data breaches

A Big List Of Popular Data Breaches and What Can Your CloudOps Team Learn From Them

A perfect business model where people's sentiments against Data breaches are used to garner their focus into a service that primarily takes into account details.

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Cloud Security Myths Busted

Do You Know How To Spell Security?

In this blog post, We are covering the topics: - Why do Cloud Platforms need Security? - Some cloud security myths busted. Welcome to Cloudanix!

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What success looks like?

Metrics For Defining Your DevOps Goals and Call It A Success

Measuring your DevOps' success rate in your organization is not like a regular term paper you turn in. Here is a list that could help you. Welcome to cloudanix!

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Increased Cybersecurity attacks is an ugly truth this pandemic but your organization can avoid being a victim

Due to current Covid-19 pandemic situation, Internet usage increased with increase in cyber attacks. Few tips to Cybersecurity are here. Cloudanix welcomes you!

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A Practical Step by Step Guide To Prevent Security Breach Of Your AWS Account

Lets dive into the several methods you can incorporate in your AWS working to stay safe from security breaches! Cloudanix team is always there for you. Try now!

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Introduction to ISO 27001 if you are using AWS, Azure or GCP cloud

ISO 27001 is a specification for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). An ISMS forms a framework of policies and procedures that includes all kinds of legal, physical, and technical ...

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PCI Compliance, Cloudanix

A quick introduction to PCI Compliance and Key Aspects To Know

PCI Compliance stands for Payment Card Industry Compliance. It is a defined set of standards/protocols that are maintained to protect the privacy of the credit cards’ owners during all the ...

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CASB, CSPM, SEIM cloud workloads

CASB, CSPM, SEIM: Do you know what role they play in operating your Cloud workloads?

Not long ago, when IT companies were into storing all their data on-premise, clouds were just white, cotton-like things floating in the sky. With the recent uproar about cloud computing, ...

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