Author: Indrita Chandra

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A list of blogs, podcasts, and videos to learn from if you want to optimize your Cloud Cost

Introduction There are many blogs, podcasts, and videos to choose from if one needs to optimize cloud costs. Firstly we need to know what is cloud cost management, also known as cloud cost optimization. It is simply organizational planning that allows an enterprise to understand and manage the needed costs and which are associated with

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Tags in Public Cloud to organize workload

A Detailed Guide On Tagging For Better Cloud Cost and Resource Management

For effective management of computational costs and utilization of resources in public cloud environments, developers must learn how to use the tags effectively. They should also develop an effective system and tag management strategy across enterprises of any size. Developers must also discover how cloud management tools can help to make sense of tagging in public cloud environments

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Cloudanix DevOps

A Complete Guide On How An Individual Can Practice Continuous DevOps

Introduction DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increase an enterprise’s ability to deliver applications and services at a very high speed. It also evolves and improves products faster than enterprises using traditional software for development and infrastructure management processes. The work of a DevOps engineer includes working with developers and

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AWS Networking

AWS Networking Fundamentals Crash Course For A Busy Developer

Many developers use AWS as a virtual data center to deploy various services like EC2 instances, RDS instances, etc. These instances or machines need to be stored somewhere in the data center and also need to be connected to the Internet. This is where VPC comes into the picture. Instances can also be referred to as the deployment of service and can also be called a machine throughout this blog. VPC is an isolated network in a region that spans all the availability zones in that region

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Cloud Logs

CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Splunk, Custom logs solution. How do you make sense of these?

To understand what is going on in the AWS environment, your Cloud Operations team member (or your engineering team member) needs a defined and robust system for ingesting log and then analyzing & reacting.

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DevOps Must Have Top 10 Tools For Collaboration around Cloud Workloads

Introduction DevOps enables both the Software engineers and the CloudOps professionals to work as a team throughout the entire software development cycle. This cycle begins with the ideation and ends with production support. DevOps ensures involving Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery (CD), popularly known as CI/ CD. Earlier development and services were considered two distinct

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AWS Billing - How it Works?

How To Master Understanding Of Your AWS Bills and Tools You Can Use?

AWS provides you with an unlimited amount of cloud and various services. Still, it does not change the fact that it can have spikes in your all over cost if your AWS resources are not kept in check. A lot of focus is paid to understand the various services like EC2, CloudWatch, etc. But there is little attention paid on how to read your AWS bill. I will explain how to read your AWS bill and the tools you can use to lower your overall bill.

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Expensive Mistake

A Big List Of Mistakes AWS Cloud Users Have Done And Spent Millions

Amazon Web Services lets us rapidly deploy and scale our applications that would not have been possible had we used traditional IT infrastructures and processes. It could also be the reason why it is easy to lose track of what you have running at a particular time, which eventually can reflect in the invoice produced at the end of the month.

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SaaS Management

A Complete Guide to SaaS Management for an Enterprise CloudOps Team

SaaS management is a relatively new domain for CloudOps teams in various enterprises. You cannot do SaaS management unless you are thoroughly familiar with the understanding of your entire business software stack.

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