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Best Cloud Security Platform For Cloud Security Professional

Why is the Cloud Security Team so important?

The Cloud Security team is the torchbearer in a company and paves the way for a more scalable and secure future of the enterprise. This is a huge responsibility to shoulder and no one understands it better than Cloudanix. Cloud Security while following the highest standards of compliance is what Cloudanix brings to the table for the cloud security team.

How Cloudanix Helps Cloud Security Professionals

  • Complete security and integration for workloads and multi-accounts running on AWS, GCP and Azure.
  • Deep visibility and configurations across multiple clouds, containers, workloads and Kubernetes.
  • Continuous monitoring and investigations of events.
  • Detects anomalies and configuration changes in Realtime.
  • Define and automate guardrails and enforce policies and Shift Left.
  • Audit and one-click remediation.

How Cloudanix stands out?

Cloudanix has made complete cloud security possible through a single window. Super-fast integration in seconds and continuous monitoring while providing comprehensive audit reports and remediation. Demystifying these complex reports into simple solvable solutions and tasks.

Why Cloud Security Professionals should try Cloudanix?

You start to derive value within 5 minutes of onboarding.

Audit and Compliance | Cloudanix

Audit and Compliance

For any enterprise Audit and Compliance is a must for stakeholder and customer trust. Meeting legal requirements is not optional anymore. Following best practices is an equally important part of compliance management. Formal regulations, laws or even internal governance controls have to be in place and follow compliance standards set by HIPAA, SOC 2, GDPR, ISO 27001, etc. Read more

Asset Visibility | Cloudanix

Asset Visibility

You can't secure what you can't see. Cloud Asset Visibility matters. All the teams in your enterprise require understanding and complete visibility of the relationships mapped around your cyber assets whether critical or not. Transparency and visibility to cybersecurity crew helps them secure their digital universe. Read more

Drift, Misconfiguration and Baseline | Cloudanix

Drift, Misconfiguration and Baseline

Unintentional internal oversights is the biggest cause for these mishaps. Untimely detection can open doorways into the organization's precious cloud environment, compromising their precious data. These exploits are the easiest to gain access to and require continuous and real time monitoring. Read more

Real-Time Alerting | Cloudanix

Real-Time Alerting

In today's world where deployments are happening faster than ever. It is of utmost importance to know real-time as the drifts, misconfigurations, etc are created. If left unchecked, they will leave gaps for hackers and not just compromise your data but also reduce the performance and speed of deployments. Real-Time Alert mechanisms must be put in place. Depending on the severity, prioritize sending signals to multiple channels so as to not overlook the vulnerabilities created. Read more

Cloud Misconfiguration Remediation | Cloudanix


Creation of custom remediation playbooks and using dozens of out of the box rules can help create a secure yet productive environment. A cloud management solution with automation capabilities that are policy driven can be configured to remedy the violations. In the same way it can also be configured to prevent them from occurring. Read more

Continuous Monitoring | Cloudanix

Continuous Monitoring

One of the most important features of a good CSPM tool. Threat detection, unauthorized behavior, malicious activity, anomaly detection, etc. These are some of the problems that plague most organizations. With continuous monitoring you can identify and prioritize the threats, taking corrective action before any damage is done. Read more

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