AZURE Compute Audit

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Virtual Machine Extensions Installed

Azure virtual machine extensions are small applications that provide post-deployment configuration and automation tasks on Azure virtual machines. These extensions run with administrative privileges and could potentially access anything on a virtual machine. The Azure Portal and community provide several such extensions.

Virtual Machines should only allow SSH based authentication

Microsoft Azure virtual machines must be configured to use SSH keys instead of username/password credentials for SSH authentication.

Virtual Machines should have sufficient daily backup retention period

Microsoft Azure virtual machines have a sufficient daily backup retention period configured within the associated backup policy for security and compliance purposes. The maximum retention period supported is 30 days.

Sufficient instant restore retention period for Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines must have sufficient snapshot instant restore retention period. This helps with data security and compliance.

Virtual Machines should have backups

Azure Backup service should be enabled and configured to create server backups for your Microsoft Azure virtual machines (VMs). This helps with the compliance requirements. Azure Backup service is a cost-effective and one-click backup solution. It is meant to simplify virtual machine data recovery in your Azure account.

Usage of Standard SSD by Virtual Machines for Cost Effective storage

Using Standard SSD disk volumes instead of Premium SSD volumes helps to achieve cost-effective storage. Standard SSD is also a good fit for broad range of workloads that need consistent performance at lower IOPS levels. However, if your workload is mission-critical or is sensitive to performance requirements, then it's recommended to go for Premium SSD volumes.

OS Disks Lacking Encryption

Encrypt OS disk of the VM. This ensures that its entire content is fully unrecoverable without a key and thus protects the volume from unwarranted reads.

Volume Lacking Encryption

Encrypting disks ensures that their entire content is fully unrecoverable without a key and thus protects the volume from unwarranted reads.

Remove Unattached Virtual Machine Disk Volumes

Identify any unattached (unused) Microsoft Azure virtual machine disk volumes available within your Azure cloud account and delete them in order to lower the cost of your monthly bill and reduce the risk of sensitive data leakage.