Cloudanix Recipes

A recipe is a solution to be a problem. Pick and choose various recipes across different types of cloud workload.

Let's start with some examples!

One example across AWS, Azure, GCP, Github

[AWS] Events Alert

Root Account Login

Root Account should never to used to login. Get real time alert if that happens on your account.

[GCP] Audit Check

CloudSql Publicly Available

Databases should not be publicly available and shall be in a private subnet. We have hundreds of "best practices" check to guide you if your setup is compliant.

[Azure] Cost Management

Cost Spend Anomaly

Do not fall victim to a bad code deploy or a malicious actor which can shoot up your cloud spend. We monitor your spend in events and alert you about an anomaly.

[Github] Best Practice

IAM Check

So many organizations have burned their hands with bad Github setup and practices. Be it bad IAM setup or checking in secrets, it eventually hurts your organization. Stay on top of these issues.

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