Audit your SES to safe gaurd your data

What we do?

DKIM should be enabled

Ensures DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is enabled for domains and addresses in SES. DKIM is a security feature that allows recipients of an email to verify that the sender domain has authorized the message and that it has not been spoofed.

DKIM should be verified

Identity Not Exposed

Identify any exposed Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) identities and update their sending authorization policy in order to stop unauthorized users from sending emails from domains or addresses owned by your AWS SES account.

Identity Verified

Ensure that SES identities are verified in order to prove their ownership and to prevent others from using them.

Identify Cross-Account Access

Ensure that AWS SES identities (domains and/or email addresses) do not allow unknown cross-account access via authorization policies.

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