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Healthcare & Life Sciences is a highly regulated sector with numerous compliance requirements. The speed of innovation required often is at cross-purpose with the security and compliance requirements which need to be continuously adhered to. While Cloud and container technology has addressed the need for speed, collaboration and productivity, it has also increased the risk of non-compliance.

The need to store confidential personal health information, protect intellectual property and adhere to compliance requirements like HIPAA are the security and compliance imperatives for this industry. While taking to the Cloud, it is important to be satisfied that the benefits of cloud adoption will not be offset by poorly and insecurely configured cloud environments which introduce security loopholes and sub-optimal workflows.

How Cloudanix Helps?

By protecting the cloud environment from misconfiguration, policy violations and IAM challenges and providing automated monitoring and real-time remediation, Cloudanix helps Healthcare players to boldly pursue their innovation agenda without worrying about the security of their technology infrastructure. Additionally, Cloudanix provides assessment of the cloud environment against standards like HIPAA, ensuring that healthcare companies don't fall foul of the regulatory authorities.

Cloudanix takes away the need for you to pay 24x7 attention to Security, Compliance, Cost and Data Security of your Cloud. Let Cloudanix do the grunt work for you, while you focus on your core offerings and client imperatives.

A Happy Cloudanix User

Brandon | Founder | Clear Gene | Cloudanix

Brandon Steelman, Founder, Clear Gene

Cloudanix completed the misconfiguration assessment of our AWS accounts even before we could fill up the subscription page with our credit card details!

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