Now get deeper insights with Cloudanix signal

February 16, 2023

Garrett Morgan invented the traffic signal (or traffic lights) to ensure that these signal lights help us stay disciplined and organized while we are on the road.

Cloudanix Signal 🚦

We are launching Signal. It helps you with deeper insights into the data to make decisions faster and better. There are times when these security findings and the alerts generated can be overwhelming for a busy team.

Cloudanix can now enrich the information with deeper insights and threat intelligence (aka Signals) making sure you stay productive and organized.

You can see the "Signals" on Events and Identity screens.

Org level Onboarding

For Azure we could onboard the entire tenant with multiple subscriptions.
Now for AWS you can chose to connect a single account or the entire org. Similarly for GCP, you can connect multiple projects in a single click.
It's now easier to connect all your cloud accounts.
p.s: You can also connect your entire Github organization and all the repositories in 1-click too to secure them!

More SSO - Keep them coming

Login with Google and Github was there since the very beginning. Starting now you can use Login with Microsoft. Say No to passwords!

10 is a magic number

10 hours is the session timeout going forward. After 10 hours of inactivity we will log you out. Keeps your accounts secure.

It's so boring to manage alert settings one account at a time

Yeah, we could see your pain. Infact, we use Cloudanix for our own security and we too found it difficult to update alerts setting one account at a time.

Now when you are updating alerts of one account, you can optionally apply the same setting to other cloud accounts too. Saves time and prevent errors!

Coming soon

  • Anomaly Detection on your Events. Along with the Threat Signals (mentioned above), these anomaly information will help you consume these events even better.
  • Compliance View of your Misconfig
  • Integration of Jira with Events