DevOps and Cloud Certifications To Invest In 2023

Experience makes us perfect, and it stands applicable in every field. So if you are an aspiring cloud developer, you should make sure that your career graph has an added advantage compared to the others. Investments over any course demand a surety of the benefit that we will receive after completing the courses. This post will explore ten DevOps and Cloud Certifications that will surely give you an edge over the others in the industry.


Top 10 DevOps and Cloud Certifications

Following is a summary of 10 DevOps and Cloud Certifications that will help you boost your career and be a successful candidate.

  • Docker Certified Associate

Knowing docker’s skill is favored worldwide now. The Docker Certified Associate ensures that all the candidates who enroll for the certification face real-world questions, uniquely designed by experienced Docker experts. There are various stages in the certification. The candidates’ skill set is checked based on their performance in multiple examinations.

Benefits: After completing the certification, the candidates will be provided with an official credential, proving that the respective candidate has completed his or her certification. The digital certificate that will be received by the candidates will be having the Docket Certified Associate Logo. There will be online verification to measure the candidate’s progress while the certification is on the go. The candidates will also be granted access to various professional networks of DevOps on Linkedln.

Exam Details: The certification, when purchased online, will cost USD 195. The examinations are based on multiple-choice questions as well as discrete optioned questions. A total of 13 multiple questions and 42 distinct optioned questions are to be solved within 90 minutes. 

The certificate provided to the candidates will mark a minimum experience of 6 to 12 months of Docker experience. The availability of certification in English is globally possible. The results are released immediately, which acts as an added advantage for the candidates.


  • CKA Kubernetes Administrator 

The Certified Kubernetes Administrator or CKA program was created by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Linux Foundation. The main aim was to develop the Kubernetes ecosystem. One of the highest open-source projects is found using the Kubernetes. At present, Kubernetes is performing excellent help for the growth of the community. Therefore having a Certified Kubernetes Administrator is always an added advantage for any individual.

Benefits: The Certified Kubernetes Administrator Program will provide an environment where every individual’s skills, knowledge, and competency will be tested based on the responsibilities that are to be performed by the Kubernetes administrators.

Exam Details: The exam will be online-based, and command lines are required to be solved time duration is 3 hours. There are several factors on which the examination will be counted, like application lifecycle management, installation, configuration, networking, security, logging, and monitoring. The cost of the certification is $300. Various exam resources are found on the main website of the Kubernetes.


  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam is a professional exam that is especially for those willing to perform a DevOps engineer role. This certification is beneficial for those who will have two or more years of experience in provisioning, operating, and managing the AWS environment.

Benefits: There are certain benefits of DevOps and Cloud Certifications, which cannot be compared with the others. For example, the candidates will be given explicit knowledge about the implementation and automation of the security controls, governance processes, compliance validation, and the display of the deployed monitoring, metrics, and locking systems on AWS. This certification will help the candidate to build a robust developing code in at least one high-level programming language and, at the same time, will also ensure the candidates will get experience in the field of administering the operating systems.

Exam Details: The exam will be conducted in multiple-choice and multiple-answer type questions. The total duration of the examination will be 180 minutes, and the cost will be 300 USD. This exam is available in various languages, including English, Japanese, Korean and simplified Chinese. The candidates are required to visit the official site and schedule the exam according to their convenience.


  • Azure DevOps Solution Certification Exam

Azure DevOps Solution Certification Exam is for those who have experience working with people, processes, and technologies daily for delivering business value. The responsibilities for the people holding the certification include designing, implementing, developing code structures, security, testing, delivery, etc. The prerequisite for certification is that the individual should know about Azure Administration and development and be at least an expert in one area.

Benefits: This certification ensures that the candidates face questions, which will help them tackle real-world scenarios. The certification serves as proof for being the experts in the respected field.

Exam Details: The exam costs 165 USD and is available in English, Japanese, simplified Chinese, and Korean. Visiting the official site will help us to schedule the exam based on convenience.


  • Puppet Professional Certification 

From the fact that there are over 35 000 organizations worldwide using Puppet, we can know the importance of this certification. Completing this certification will always help an individual to stay one step ahead of everyone.

Benefits: Completing the Puppet certification will always hold the right place in hiring employees. So if one has this certification, then there are more chances of getting a better job, with higher salaries.

Exam Details: The exam will be of 90 minutes and will cost $200. There are several versions of Puppet certification available. The latest being 5.5.0.


  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional or CISSP helps the candidates to gain knowledge about implementing, designing, and managing cybersecurity programs. Completion of this certification will make the candidate an expert in all aspects of cybersecurity.

Benefits: Cybersecurity is one of the main pillars of development in recent years. So having a certification in such a field will always advance the career.

Exam Details: The CISSP is a six-hour-long examination, including multiple-choice based questions and advanced innovative questions. The cost of this certification is $699.


  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

The Offensive Security Certified Professional helps to get self-placed hacker certification. The certification uses the best techniques and penetrating tools to help the candidates get familiar with the best possible penetrating tests.

Benefits: After completing the certification, the candidates will get a better idea about real-life penetrating problems and find it easier to cope with real issues.

Exam Details: There are three packages for completing this certification: For 30 days of access, it is $999. For 60 days of access, it is $1199, and for 90 days, it is $1349.


  • Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE)

Offensive Security Certified Expert or OSCE introduces the candidates to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations present in the various operating systems.

Benefits: After completing this certification, the candidate will be called an advanced penetration testing skills expert. There are self-taught hacking skills as well, which can be learned.

Exam Details: The exam has many packages, and a suitable one is to can be chosen. There are 170 questions to be solved, and the duration is 4 hours.


  • Certified Security Compliance Specialist (CSCS)

The Certified Security Compliance Specialist or CSCS provides a 2-day instructor-led certification, validating the candidates’ knowledge and skillset in information security.

Benefits: The certifications ensure that all the candidates should be able to face real-life scenarios. There are situations when the candidates will be examined on their performance in handling cases like information security breaches etc. 

Exam Details: The CSCS examination is conducted over two days. Day 1 is more examine the skill set, and day two will be based on multiple-choice based questions. There will be 60 questions to be solved in 60 minutes. The cost of the examination is $340.


  • Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge 

Certificate of Cloud Security and Knowledge requires a bit of prior knowledge in DevOps and cloud computing. Apart from this, the certification requires no other specific criteria. With every passing year, the importance of DevOps and Cloud seems to increase on a larger scale. In such an era of competition, completion of this certification will be an intelligent move. It is surely one of the most important DevOps and Cloud certifications.

Benefits: There are options for self-paced study, which were developed, keeping in mind that the grasping capacity of every individual stands to be different. Many resources available in this certification serve an excellent purpose for self-study as well. And there is no doubt that adding the completed certification will be a boon to the resume.

Exam Details: The exam consists of 60 multiple choice based questions, which must be solved in 90 minutes. The cost of the certification is $395.



The above-mentioned top 10 best DevOps and Cloud Certifications are worth investing in 2022. According to your interests, you can enroll in the certifications. No doubt, they will be worth your time and financial investment! You may also check some of our posts like how an individual can practice continuous DevOps. Here’s a free checklist for you so that you know you aren’t doing DevOps the wrong way!


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