Resources which determine your pricing

AWS offers several services. Cloudanix monitors many of these services. However, we do not consider all of them to determine your Cloudanix pricing. Infact, we only use a subset of these services to generate your Cloudanix invoice.

The below table lists all the AWS services which makes up your Cloudanix invoice.

Resource NameUnitNotes
EC2Per instanceCount of the nodes. Size doesn’t matter.
LambdaPer functionNo dependency on invocations.
S3Per bucketCount of the buckets
KMSPer keyCount of the keys
RDSPer nodeCount of the nodes. Size doesn’t matter.
DynamoDBPer dbCount of databases.

How do we count your resources?

We continuously monitor the resources and record the max during the month. At the end of the month, your invoice will be generated accordingly.

Additional FAQ

There is an FAQ available on the Pricing Page which answer the popular pricing related questions. Below FAQ covers AWS specific queries.

What about Spot instances?

No, they are not counted.

What about other resources like VPC, SQS etc?

We monitor them but we do not use them towards your pricing. They are free.

If you have any other questions or feedback for us, please feel free to email us at [email protected]